questionshas anyone used megabus?


I don't even know what Megabus is, sounds useful. I await real answers with interest. :)


Heard of them and seen them running up and down I10 here...haven't rode myself either.

I suspect they make their money off of advertisements to a captive audience or something like that.


My girlfriend has used megabus about 5 times. She has never had any problems with it travelling fron Oak-LA, and for only 1-12 dollars a ticket how can you go wrong? We did have to buy a ticket last minute once but even then it was only 23 minutes. The only thing she said was the wi-fi could be really spotty on a couple buses, but it's comfortable and enjoyable bus ride.

Alright i actually read the rest of your question. Seats are first come first serve, You can eat and drink (wouldn't try alcohol obviously) on the bus, they make money by raising prices as tickets get sold so i would buy now, and even if you change your mind there's no pressure so you just lost 6 bucks (as opposed to potentially 36 or 60) I'm pretty sure there are bathrooms on the bus but i'd have to double check. I think the upper deck has tables that seat about 4. I've never actually been on the buses just heard her talking about them. If you got any more questions I can ask her later today.


For $6, book it now! Yes, there are restrooms and wi-fi.

IIRC, their pricing is on a sliding scale. The $1 fares are when they open up the reservations, and it gets progressively higher as the reservations fill up.


I've used Megabus quite a few times. Comfort can vary from bus to bus. Sometimes its super comfortable, sometimes its not. As for the wifi, it's almost always there. I've had one or two trips where it was broken or just unusably slow. They do restrict content though, so some blogs and webcomics are blocked, but that's honestly not too big of a deal.

The wifi's not good enough to be reliably used for streaming, in my experience, but if you just want to check e-mail or browse Facebook, you should be fine.

Overall, Megabus is a good service. Make sure you get there early though. They sometimes overbook buses and seating is usually first come first serve, I think.


I've never personally taken Megabus, but my cousins have. They went from Cleveland to Chicago a few times and they have recommended it. Like @cowboydann said buy you ticket as early as you can so you can get the $2 seats.
As a side note if the bus happens to leave you at one of the rest stops you can call 911 and they'll contact the bus and have it turn around for you. My cousins found that out one of the last times they went :p.


Thanks for all the awesome information! Especially about the prices increasing as the departure date approaches. I hadn't caught onto that. I am glad I plan my trips well ahead, this will be in September. Sounds like Megabus is definitely the way to go. I'll try to get my traveling companions to finalize our plans and buy our tickets next week. I sure wish we had Megabus service here. If there was a Megabus running between west TX, NM and AZ cities we'd be on it at least once a month.


around here, (sacramento) the bus runs to Reno and San Fran, tickets start at $1 for either destination. There are only a few of the cheap seats, so as others said, book tickets early.


Once, from NY to Philly, and it was OK going (about 20 minutes late) and horrible going back (about two hours late; they said it was traffic but there was another bus company, Bolt Bus, that kept pulling up. The customer service was terrible, too, but at least they gave me my money back. I've heard similar complaints from friends, too. Next time I will try Bolt Bus, but I'm not sure if that's available in your area.

If you're not in a rush, I'd say it's fine.


lots of megabus users in my office and family.
no problems with megabus — cheap, reliable and comfortable.

A family member in Europe who has ridden the megabus in the US said the megabus Europe is a much different experience and not in a positive way.