questionswhere can i find the best price on aaa batteries…


Are you looking for alkaline, rechargeable, heavy-duty or standard-duty?



Also, the monoprice shipping really kills that good deal feeling for me.


@dudeyzerman: If you buy them in large enough volume, it's not so bad. Shipping is about $10 whether you buy 5 ($7.74), 20 ($9.84) or 30 ($10.64) packs of 8. 20 packs -> $0.172 per battery, and 30 packs -> $0.154 per battery.

At the rate my kids go through these, I am giving 30 packs serious consideration. Wonder how long it would take them to go through 240 batteries?

(Based on my ZIP code - your shipping charges may vary.)

Best I saw at Amazon was $0.29/per

If you have an Advance Auto or Harbor Freight nearby, they tend to have 24 packs of generic for $6 ($0.25 per), although I wouldn't use them in anything I really cared about (read reviews - they tend to leak after a while).


Tenegy offers rechargeable batteries at affordable prices. You can get 60 for $47.30 + $7.63 shipping on Amazon... I use these personally and find them to be quite satisfactory, especially given the price.

vote-for1vote-against for alkaline batteries. Works out to about $0.31 each for a name brand. For those looking for rechargeable batteries my other post still stands.