questionshappy independence day! are you flying the flag?


I don't have a flag to fly, here away from home. But I do feel a little more comfortable being patriotic, now in Brazil, than I did in China, haha.

I'm wearing red-white-blue colors, and making sure everyone in the office knows that it's our great homeland's birthday!

Later, for dinner, I'm going to do the most American thing I can here, and find a McDonald's in this city :)

Happy 4th everyone! Fly a flag for me, while I do my best to represent us abroad!


We have the flag on a permanent place at the front of the house.


Off topic, but a question that's been on my mind for a week.

@dmaz: Were you ever asked to be on TV in China?


@gideonfrost: Not on television (that I know of), but I did make local news. A lot of my friends in Qingdao (a nearby, more international city) were on TV for various promotions and events. I was surprised at how common it was!
I was asked to model, though.


@dmaz: Would you like me to send you one? It would be a privilege to do so.


@magic cave: Really? I would feel very honored! It's a long way for mail to travel to Brazil, though!


@dmaz: If you'll PM me with an address, I'll send one along. Is 3'x5' a good size for you? It's what we fly at our house, and it's large enough to be nicely visible yet small enough for easy handling. It'll take me a few days to get one in hand, and then I'll send it along to you.