questionsis anyone else excited for the new nexus 7 being…


It's a nice tablet and I have a friend that has the previous version. He likes it.

I have a 10" ASUS Transformer Infinity instead and, after using that one, I cannot go back to a 7". Also, none of the Nexus models will ever allow you to insert your own Micro SD cards. That's sort of a show stopper for me.

Google wants everyone to use the cloud for everything but if I'm at the gym and want to watch several hi-res TV shows while on the treadmill, I need to use external memory or I'll have to keep swapping out the movies constantly with internal RAM. Not very convenient.

Besides, they charge so much more for memory built in when Micro SD cards are very cheap even for class 10.


Well, for me I don't mind using the cloud, but for someone that watches hi-res videos, I can see where it would be a problem. I have had a couple 10" tablets, and I like the 7" form factor better. I can hold it with one hand and it's great for e-books. It's all opinion though.

But, one thing Google is doing right is offering quality products at an affordable price. I still love my first gen Nexus 7. I don't know if I'll get this new one or not. It looks like it's a very nice step up.

I'm glad they didn't go with the Tegra processor. It gets so stressed. When I'm updating an app or something like that it stutters through anything else. I'm glad they went with the S4 Pro. A little outdated, but it's what powers the Nexus 4 and it's got plenty of power to churn through anything you throw at it. And the screen refresh looks great! 1080p at 323ppi! Should be sharp as sharp can get!


What's the battery life on these? I'm annoyed at the manufacturers cramming higher end technology into a battery that has basically stayed the same. My tablet can hold a charge for an hour or two with games, I can barely get through a movie with it.


@ryanwb: really? My 3 year old Xoom still holds charge for a stupidly long time (admittedly it is more heavy duty than the 7"). I've watched multiple movies on it, I stopped even caring what it's charge state is like, even when I take it camping.

That said, I have no idea what the nexus 7 is like. But I just wanted to point out that it's not a universal problem.


@countdown: Yeah, @ryanwb must have some jank-a-fied, off-brand tablet. My HP TouchPad lasts all day. We also have a Nexus 7 and we have no issues with it.


@countdown: Geeze, it's an ASUS tablet, don't know the model off hand. It was a gift, so knowing my cheap relatives it must have been a refurb. Yeah really tired of not even being able to make it through a domestic flight with a full battery


@ryanwb: Sorry, broseph. Have you tried turning the brightness down? Also, depending on the version of android you're running, you should be able to go to the Settings and find the Battery option. Once there, you should see what's been using the most juice since you unplugged it.


Not exited, with 32GB it has the same memory storage as the 32GB ipod touch that I have run out of space on. If it has less than 64GB I would not even consider buying a tablet . Expandable memory is a must and without it this tablet is a bust.