questionsanyone else out there still fighting the flu?


imma not fighting the flu but i thought i'd chime in to say "floo fighters" mite make a good name for a rock band.

no1 no1

Nope, my whole family gets the vaccine every year, and it's been at least 20 years since the wife or I had it, and none of our 3 kids have ever had it. Unfortunately my dad wasn't as careful, and his flu turned into pneumonia and killed him last February.

It's so easy to get for free these days, and they even make it without chicken eggs now so even those who are allergic to poultry can get the vaccine.

Remember, the higher the percentage of the population that gets the vaccine, the better it will even protect those that don't get the vaccine, since it slows or stops the spread once you reach a certain percentage of the population who has been vaccinated.

Sure, it's not 100% effective, but it's close enough for me. YAY SCIENCE!

Sorry, but if you chose NOT get vaccinated, I have no pity for you
If you DID get a flu shot but got it anyway, I'm sorry you were in that group who still got ill


I have escaped the evil virus, but only through massive amounts of hand sanitizer, vitamin booster drinks, and avoiding people in general....or maybe it's just luck!

I hope you feel better soon, conan! Everyone else hang in there, "they say" the worst is over and the flu is subsiding.


Yes, I'm fighting the flu, in that I got a vaccine and it seems to be working.
Best offense = good defense

Feel better, @Conanthelibrarian!


Daughter has 4 kids. The two boys (12 and 10) got the flu, one also catching Scarlet Fever~this was 2 weeks ago. Daughter &hubby went to Cayman Islands~I babysat~all 4 kids got stomach flu. They came home Friday~she called me Sun. and they all have lice. Glad I just have to delouse hubby and me.