questionsdid you download this version of the woot! app?


I'm waiting for a deals.woot app.


More info on 'wootstar' app:

wootstar is a slick new app to monitor and keep track of deals on You'll never miss out on the next woot off!

* wootstar is one of the only apps that monitors the super secret moofi.woot web site! *

- Keep tabs on all the woot websites:, sellout.woot, shirt.woot, wine.woot, kids.woot, home.woot, and even moofi.woot!
- Put your favorites on top! Customize the order of your woot websites how you want them for quick and easy viewing (tap and hold to customize).
- View each product in detail including prices, conditions, and images.
- Explore each image in detail with pinch zooming and landscape views.
- Read comments left by the helpful woot community.
- Want one? Buy products from within the app. Our button takes you directly to the purchase screen!
- Get notified. wootstar sends notifications when woot off starts. No more guessing games!
- We got a yellow bar too! See how much is left during woot off.


Nice except do you have a link to an Android version?


@cengland0: Per the developer on android:

While I understand that there is also a demand for an app on the Android, we are 2 guys developing and maintaining an app on our free time. Developing an app takes time. Since we are already familiar with developing iOS apps, we have done just that.

However, we are not ignoring the Android market. I think this is a common misconception when apps are not supported in both markets.

In short, we would love to support the Android market, but don't have the resources to do it at this time.


I use "wootie" on iPhone/iPad. Not sure if they have an android version, but it's a great app.


Not a big fan of the Wootstar. Didn't like the way that it was set up. I have wootwatcher:

which I really like on my android. But on my iPhone, I use a different app. I would love to tell you all what it is, because it's a great app, but I removed it when I got deployed (as I don't have any cell reception here....) and I tried to go to the iTunes website, but good ol' IA has it blocked because it's "entertainment".... I think it I am not mistaken it's like Woot Watcher.