questionsdid any of your favorite shows get cancelled?


Eureka is on its last season, which is sad, but the only show we were watching that was cancelled was The Finder.


Eureka, Alcatraz, and Chuck, though I gave up on Chuck about 2 seasons ago.


I kinda liked The Finder, though I didn't watch it regularly, that was about the only one out of the group I had ever seen.


I watch a lot of TV, so there are quite few here that I watch. I watch Desperate Housewives and House, but I knew they were on their last season. I watch A Gifted Man, but it's junk, it's one of the shows I put on to keep me company when I am doing something else. I enjoy Hung for the premise alone, and Thomas Jane ain't hard on the eyes. I will miss In Plain Sight. Secret Circle is okay, and if they were going to cancel The River it would have been nice if they had let them escape in the last episode and have a proper ending, instead of trapping them again at the last minute. I enjoy Secret Circle and Terra Nova, but they aren't exactly appointment TV. I watched Alcatraz, but it never clicked for me as much as for my friend. The one I am most sad to see on this list is Ringer, we really like that show.


Still kinda mad about Firefly, if that counts. I liked The Finder, but it wasn't that big of a shock considering that the show never really had any story arcs. If you want a list of shows that have been cancelled, you can check here to see what's gone.


Here's the list:

Awake (NBC)

Batman: The Brave And The Bold (CAR)

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (CAR)

Bent (NBC)

Best Friends Forever (NBC)

Blue Mountain State (SPK)

Bored To Death (HBO)

Breaking In (FOX)

Charlie's Angels (ABC)

Chuck (NBC)

Desperate Housewives (ABC)

Dragon Ball Z Kai (NICK)

Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC)

The Finder (FOX)

The Firm (NBC)

Flashpoint (ION)

Free Agents (NBC)


A Gifted Man (CBS)

Good Vibes (MTV)

H8R (CW)

Harry's Law (NBC)




House (FOX)

How To Be A Gentleman (CBS)

How To Make It In America (HBO)

Hung (HBO)

I Hate My Teenage Daughter (FOX)

I'm In The Band (XD)

In Plain Sight (USA)

The Increasingly Poor Decisions Of Todd Margaret (IFC)

Kendra (E)

The Life And Times Of Tim (HBO)

Love Broker (BRV)

Luck (HBO)

Make It Or Break It (FAM)

Man Up! (ABC)

Man, Woman, Wild (DISC)

Meet The Browns (TBS)

Missing (ABC)

Mistresses (BBCA)

NY Ink (TLC)

One Tree Hill (CW)

Pan Am (ABC)

The Playboy Club (NBC)

Prime Suspect (NBC)

Ringer (CW)

The River (ABC)

The Rosie Show (OWN)

The Secret Circle (CW)

Terra Nova (FOX)

Wizards Of Waverly Place (DSNY)

Work It (ABC)

Zeke & Luther (XD)


Would have been nice to give Alcatraz another season. But, other than that, not much there I care about. My wife likes Awake, so she's kinda bummed about that one.


Breaking In... I watched that a few times. It was HORRIBLE. Poorly developed characters and Christian Slater as a hot-shot just didn't work for me.

The Finder -- It was a spin-off of Bones. I think there was a lot there that could have been done, but the show never took off. It just sorta' spun its wheels and never went anywhere.

I never bothered watching any of the other shows on the list (except House, but I knew the series was ending anyway).


@capguncowboy: You missed CSI: Miami... (dramatic pause, puts on sunglasses) not that anyone will miss it.


Gonna really miss Awake. It took awhile to get into, but the latest twists have me really interested.

Nearly everything else got through to be renewed, which is a shock, as I normally end up losing a bunch of new favorites...


@okham: there are a few that aren't on that list (my source was missing them) as I just copied and pasted it.

I wonder why it took so long for CSI: Miami to end? Did people REALLY watch that show?


weird. nyc22 just started three episodes ago in this area. also weren't several of those on the cancelled in 2012 list gone before 2012 (example: PanAm).


At times I hate this fracking UI (it just threw away the answer I typed).


Of the shows listed above, I had been watching House, One Tree Hill, Pan Am, Prime Suspect and Terra Nova. I stopped watching Desperate Housewives the middle of last season, though I have all of it on disk and may watch the rest of it.

Of these shows, the only one I'll miss is Pan Am as House had about run its course and Terra Nova never fulfilled its promise.

I also watch Eureka and will miss it (once it goes) more than the others combined.


Of the shows cancelled that I was still watching, I only wish Ringer had gotten renewed because I was enjoying it as a guilty pleasure. Wasn't a great show but fun. I started to watch a few others on the list but gave up on them either because we didn't like them or it was obvious they were going to get cancelled and didn't want to invest the time. I'm kind of pissed that I wasted a whole season on Unforgettable and now it is cancelled (it was terrible) but since my husband wanted to watch it I guess it was worth it. I try to keep up with the cancellation predictions because I really don't like to go a whole season and then have the show not picked up. I was watching GCB, but got behind a few episodes. I'm just giving up now - no point in catching up.

I'm looking forward to the replacements, but seriously we need ANOTHER show about someone from Jersey? Isn't that old yet - can't Hollywood leave us Jersey folks alone??


I really liked The River. It's a shame that was canceled. I wasn't quite into Alcatraz yet, so I was OK with that.


@capguncowboy: thanks for posting the list for us lazy folks!

Alcatraz: Was this cancelled? We wanted a lot. It didn't deliver.

Awake: After 2 episodes, I didn't care at all. Not even a little bit.

Chuck: Was entertaining only in the "nothing else is on" way, so whatevs.

CSI: Miami: WAS AWFUL ALWAYS. And I STILL watch reruns of the original!

Desperate Housewives: How the hell was this still on?!

The Finder: I'mma have to Google this - what was it?

GCB: Never watched it, but was ANYONE shocked by this?!

Harry's Law: Enjoyed the first season because it was slightly better than the other crap on. Meh.

House: God bless shows who accept the end and take it gracefully...haven't actually watched this last season - was it graceful?

In Plain Sight: Loved it. Loved the graceful ending. Plus 10 internets for this. Will purchase the whole show. <3 Mary Shannon.

Luck: Didn't this actually get cancelled like weeks and weeks ago?


Missing: Wanted desperately for this to work, but it was PAINFULLY obvious that this would end prematurely after about 10 mins into the 2nd episode.

Pan Am: Knew no one would watch it when I heard about it.

Prime Suspect: COULD have been cool. Wasn't.

The River: Hubby wanted so much for this to work. Wasn't scary...was boring.

Ringer: Crappy trailer at the beginning. Followed suit from what I could tell.

Terra Nova: We actually liked this one, really thought Netflix could do something with it if they could get over the budgetary costs due to time travel/dinosaurs/etc. (PS: We're cool w/crappily done sci-fi if we can bring ourselves to accept the story. we were there, though it sounds like we were the only ones lol)


@smtatertot13: The Finder was a spin-off of Bones. The main character was Walter Sherman who served with Booth (Bones' main character in case you don't watch it) in the US Army. Something happened to him to give him a sort of brain damage, so now he's able to see connections that others don't and he uses these powers to find things. It was a funny show, but there was no real appeal to watch week after week. Like I said in my original post, there were no real plot arcs, it was just all Walter looking for something and getting into trouble.


@captainsuperdawg: I LOVE Bones, but I'm probably 2 seasons behind or more. The character doesn't ring a bell, but I'm pretty bad at things like memory, so yeah. I won't expect anything, but I'll definitely add the show to my "purchase for cheap or get in other ways" list :) thanks for the description!

PS: It is a SUPER guilty pleasure, but I adore Whitney. and yes, i do indeed hate myself for it XD


@smtatertot13: I recommend getting Netflix then. They've got all the Bones episodes that have been released so far and it's pretty cheap at only $8 per month, with the first month free. So, you could try it out, watch all the Bones episodes you want and then cancel before you get charged anything.


@captainsuperdawg: oh, I have found my way to owning all of Bones that's currently available on DVD - am just behind in watching...and they don't release on disc nearly as quickly as they show the episodes on tv...though it gotten MUCH better of late!

While I've still got a B&M Blockbuster w/in 2 miles from home, I'd rather pay a bit more a month for unlimited one-at-a-time rentals to get all the actually brand new stuff when it's new. I know BB is unpopular, but if you've got a B&M BB close enough, it is super duper worth the money. Hubby and I go there at least once per day, if not 2-3 times, depending on the day of the week and his work schedule.

I'll always be able to get my hands on Bones for free at the library (it's popular enough that at least 15 of the participating 150 local libraries buy a copy of each season as it comes out, so I can request it for free, like i do a whole lot of TV shows, since BB & Netflix insist on sending/lending them a disc at at time...)


@smtatertot13: The Finder was based on an episode towards the end of last season. Actually, that was one of my favorite episodes on Bones last year. There was so much there that could have been done and they never did them. The entire Gypsy thing was a bit on the ridiculous side too, and I think that might have been part of it. Still worth the watch, IMO

Also, Netflix has all of the seasons of Bones available for instant Streaming. I just watched the season finale tonight... I do like that show


ABC is killing me. First Off the Map, and now Missing. I'm thinking I should be done watching new shows on that network. :|


The only show on that list I watched was Chuck, and it was time for that to go.


Nice... This thread sucks ! ;-) I didnt realize all of these were cancelled. This was 6 shows I was activley watching


Some thoughts of mine:
I had been watching CSI Miami until last year, but just got a bit tired of it. Odd since I was living in South Florida at the time. I'm sorry I missed the last episode.

Likewise, House has been phoning it in for at least one (more like two) seasons. After Oliva Wilde left to do movies it hasn't been any good.

Luck had promise, too bad they kept killing horses during production.

Pan Am had a great concept, but just couldn't execute.

Terrra Nova also had a great concept, and did a better job of executing, but not good enough. The production costs of the series were so high that the fairly mediocre ratings and poor critical reception killed it.


Most of the shows canceled this season I had never watched or checked out 1 episode and didn't like it.

I enjoyed Chuck but it was time for the show to end. I view that more as it ran its course then was canceled. If they didn't let them do a proper finale then I would have called it canceled.

Terra Nova I actually enjoyed watching (off dvr not live) but I knew it didn't stand a chance. While it was enjoyable enough to watch but was to expensive for what it delivered and I agreed with the criticism (casting of the children physical appearance compared to parents etc). I would have liked to see where the story went but more along the lines of the Saturday morning shows I watched as a kid then prime time watching.