questionsis this the new normal for woot?


Yes. Lots more spam. Tattling usually gets it off in a reasonable amount of time.
Lots more spammy deals too.


@107bear: It's really bad form to repost the entire spammy comment, you know; it just gives the spammers even more exposure!

What is that burns you up -- the email you received, or that the spammer is advertising his own site in a comment?

The email almost certainly resulted from you forgetting to uncheck the follow-up box.

Comment spammers show up periodically, but not all that frequently. As you've already noticed, they get deleted when they're tattled on.

The Chinese and Korean-based spammers have been rampant lately, along with a couple of folks spamming their Amazon-marketplace schlock. (30+ posts in under 30 minutes.)

Fortunately, tattled spammer posts are removed fairly promptly.


@magic cave: And they give non-black-triangle folks a chance to righteously tattle on something and elevate their scores. LOL.


@moondrake: Meh. Tattling is usually a Good Thing. F'rinstance, I tattled on @107bear 's comment containing the entire cruddy spammer's comment and URL, and now it's gone.


@magic cave: You are right, when I copied it from the email it copied the whole email.


@magic cave: Every time I read a post from you from here on out, I will picture you as Tanner Boyle from The Bad News Bears. Any use of the word "cruddy" instantly brings that kid to mind.

And yes, it is the normal for Woot now. And because of that, I really spend very little time looking for deals here now, because I get tired of sorting through all the companies posting their own crap.


We are looking into this. We definitely want to keep Deals.Woot as spam free as possible. One of the challenges is to not get into a game of spammer whack-a-mole.


@josefresno: All together now.... "If I had a hammer, I would hammer in the morning, bash spammers in the evening, all over this site. I'd hammer out spammers, I'd kill all their comments ..."


@pitamuffin: Never saw the movie, learned "cruddy" back in the early 50's, use it now because it doesn't get edited or deleted.

I don't mind the vendor-posted deals if they're actually deals with a sales price, coupon code, or discounted/free shipping.

What I'm really, truly tired of are the merchants who use us as a billboard, dumping their spamvertisement stuff that's not a deal at all. Apparently, however, TPTB don't generally consider that to be a problem unless the vendor posts egregious quantities of items, like that handbag guy. Otherwise, cheesy leather jackets, over-priced lockers, and commercial lighting components seem to be okay.


Do keep letting us know if you see spam! We actively hunt and destroy it. (Which is sort of the whackamole Mr. Fresno was referring to, but can't just leave that crap laying around.)

Tattles definitely help us improve your community.


@gatzby: aye. Tattle tattle tattle... We need the community to tattle on spammers so we know where to bash our hammer.


The "new norm for woot" seems to be non-deals. Honestly...are there any deals that seem to be good buys? Spamers are annoying, yes they are. And yet...

Have you noticed how there are fewer and fewer votes for deals? Most seem to garner 1 or 2 votes. Or zero up-votes. Same w/the 'Sponsored' deals.

Bored? Or simply done?


@gmwhit: Mostly bored, and very tired of non-deals that are nothing other than spam.