questionsremote monitoring software ?


Well, I expect you've already been to the canonical site, but in case you haven't, here it is.

Ah, yes. By Solarwinds, too. Are they tracking you, or just managing your machine? Hard to say. On the other hand, if you've been doing a lot of non-work activity while at work...

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Always assume you are being watched when you're using a corporate computing resource.


@durkzilla - Ive always assumed that. Though in most cases I figure they just dont care that much. A new tool showing up suggests a new level of interest for some reason. If they want to read my woot posts and activity they can. I will even have the argument about the fact its done from my work machine ....


I just got a new work location and new boss so part of it is trying to figure out if this was as a result of that or a pure happenchance


@shrdlu - Yeah it appears to be more for management then monitoring but ... I suppose it could be for either.


I don't know what industry you're in, but if you have proprietary information on your computer they might just be using that to ensure you get all the security updates and are using all the software they want/not using the software they don't want.


@panthiest- I am positive thats part of it I work for a public utility (the phone company)

So I am sure they are doing that but this new tool brings it to a total of 6 tools running in the background all of the time. The computers already take 20 minutes from a cold boot so I just get annoyed when they constantly add more things.


@djbowman: Welcome to corporate America. My "official path to the internet" at work had all that crap on it. My "official path" wearing my other hat bypassed 100% of it, but:

That machine had an IP address that was hard-coded into the scripts that permitted outside access, was running OpenBSD, was under my direct control, and no one else had access to it, and it was used for various kinds of "permitted" work.

Last time I paid any attention to management tools was (from memory) ASUS, or whatever the mickeysoft management tool was called. It was nice, and permitted patches to be pushed out, and ensured that no one installed crap, and that everyone was on the same page with the tools they needed to do their job. Best part of it was that it was not part of my job, nor a responsibility of anyone on my staff.

It would be wise for you to read the official company brochures regarding what is or is not permissible. Up to you.


I always had thought our company had monitoring software. Then I found proof that they were, just not monitoring what I thought.

Our system monitors the hardware deployed. So they are tracking how many computers they are, the harware stats (Ram, Processor, MOBO, etc). They do this because they have a budget for office improvements. Instead of upgrading our Net and Sys admins PCs, us management guys get upgrades too.

Found this out when they brought me a new PC about 2 years ago. :)