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I did a quick looking around and saw this style office war which looks real fun: Nerf Mafia is the most popular with a floor splitting up into two teams or two floors Nerfing for a week. Everyone has their colors on their arms and guns. You can only kill each other outside and the only way for a kill is via headshot (one life). Last team standing or the team with the most teammates when the week is up wins.


I just got a new job that I thought was awesome, UNTIL I found out that some offices have nerf wars! Thanks @inkycatz for ruining the positive outlook I had on my new job.


@gideonfrost: That's me, destroyer of dreams, ruiner of worlds, pathetic in NERF wars.


Subscribing to this question so I can get an early warning on any incoming nerf attacks.


*Absolutely no dart modifications. This got set soon after someone discovered that a pushpin fits perfectly inside the foam tubes.

*Not while clients are in the office. Maintenance people are okay though.

*Originally we had a, if they don't own a gun, don't shoot them. After a while it became, if you don't have a gun, go out and buy one.


Sadly that kind of thing would not be tolerated where I work. Although I can see people coming in on off-days or weekend nights to play...until someone got caught and made an example of.

We have joked about playing "Day Old Donut Cubicle Chair Hockey". Never did figure out exactly what to use for sticks but the puck would be a donut that had solidified and everyone would be required to be in their chairs (they all turn and have wheels). Again, it would never happen, but it's fun to talk about on slow Friday afternoons.


Never worked anywhere that had Nerf wars, and I don't think I ever will. Hospitals probably frown on that, especially if you use a patient as a human shield.


Here is a topic I can provide input to!

Office Nerf War Etiquette:

1. Always wear eye protection (Amazon sells them for $6 FSwPrime)

2. Always check the office schedule for "Nerf War" dates&times. (Example: Friday between 2PM-3PM)
2b. No shots shall be fired at any other time!
2c. The "Gong" shall be GONGED at the beginning and end of the Nerf War. (This also lets you know to put on your eye protection)
2d. Events shall be color coded based on the type of warfare that day. Green=Capture the Flag (Team Based), Red=Free For All, Blue=Team Deathmatch, Black=Anything goes.

3. Thou shall never modify the dart itself. (No Stefans).
3b. You may use any kind of stock foam dart however. (AirZone, BuzzBee, Nerf, Lanard)

4. You are encouraged to paint/mod your Nerf Guns
4b. You may NOT paint the orange tip of the gun. (It's law)

5. If you don't have a nerf gun, one will be provided to you. (Nerf Maverick w/ 8 darts). This must be returned.

6. Help clean up after final gong.


Capture the Flag Rules:

Office is split up into 2 sections.

Each section has a "Flag" which is actually a paper-towel cardboard tube that was filled with packing foam and then wrapped with 2 inches of saran wrap. (One has a Red piece of paper underneath a layer and the other a Blue piece of paper to distinguish the two flags)

Each section also has a "Barrel" which is just a small trash can that has been "painted" by the team with Sharpies.

The goal is to steal the enemy flag and return it to your barrel. First to 3 points wins (or whoever has more points after 10-minutes)

If you get shot with a nerf dart, you must sit out until someone scores.

Red=Free For All:

No Teams! Getting shot with a Nerf Dart = Dead Until Next Match

Blue=Team Deathmatch:

Designated Teams. Getting shot = dead until next match starts.

Black=Anything goes.

Getting shot with a Nerf Dart will result in a 1-minute penalty where you must "play dead".


No, never had a job where there would be anyone interested.