questionsare user names permanent?


Old account names cannot be changed. Make a new account. This is the only way. It's one of those unwritten rules, but you will find life much easier if you just make a new account, and start over. One of the things you can do when you post is to point out that you were posting previously as @letscook, and that you have a storefront on Amazon (Luzy's Storage Place).

Nothing wrong with using your current account to vote up your deals (since you won't have purchased anything with this new account), but please, please, please, do not use the letscook account to make comments on your deal. Best that you simply stop using your current account, once you've made the new one. Please trust me in this advice.

Good luck.


Thanks for the very quick answer. We just thought that there was a simpler way of doing it, but I guess not. Thanks for the advice, too, shrdlu. I assume what you mean is posting a comment using a different account (that says something like "buy now, amazing deal, buy! buy! buy!) would not fly by you guys. We assumed as much, but thanks for the advice anyway.

Thanks for the well-wishes as well. :)


I wish we could change them. I got really excited when I saw this question because I've been thinking of asking it for ages. I've had mine for 7 years but changed my ideal username shortly after creating this account. But it's purely convenience for me. I like using the same "gamertag" across my various social platforms.

Thanks for putting things right though for yourself.


@letscook: A couple of things (easy stuff). First, please post back with your new username, so we'll all know. You seem like a pretty responsive vendor, and goodness knows, we can always use those around here.

I see you've posted some kitchen kinds of things, which is nice, because I happen to like kitchen kinds of things. I've been looking for an old fashioned vegetable brush, and I cannot seem to find one, for any price, anywhere. I am speaking of something that contains ZERO plastic/rubber. I want one that is constructed entirely of wood, except for the bristles (obviously). I recognize that the bristles are probably going to be some kind of man made item, and that's okay. I just hate those OXO things, with their nasty rubbery handles.

Thanks in advance, whether you have such an item or not. Also, do you carry canning supplies, especially canning lids?


@shrdlu. Firstly, this our user name. Simple, transparent. :)

The closest thing you'll get to a good old vegetable brush:

It's about five dollars over-priced, though. If you have a crate and barrel next you, check them out. I know the one in Manhattan that I go to has some that are bigger than the one above for $4.

For anything related to canning, go for the Ball brand. They're usually the cheapest and best quality. I do some grocery shopping at Shop-rite and they always have them for very cheap (presumably because they don't need to pay for shipping).

We source products across categories (Jewelry, Home, Cellular Acc)..(sadly overseas mostly. you can't find many US factories for anything anymore). If it is allowed on this site, we would not mind learning what the community is looking for so we can look for opportunities (e.g what kind of bedding are people looking for-Country of origin, fabric, finish..?)...


@luzysstorageplace: Be very careful. Those kinds of questions can get deals and comments deleted. I'd advise just looking to see what's already been posted, and see what seems to get the most views/click-throughs. Popularity isn't always as meaningful as you'd think (even discounting the meme-deal posting going on right now). Views and click-throughs are really what counts. Upvotes help, too, of course.


I'd love to change my screen name to Jumbowoot! 2 Electric Boogaloo


@shrdlu: Will be careful then. Thanks for the advice. Learning the rules one at a time....


I love that you've chosen a transparent username. I, for one, will keep an eye out for your deals in future.


@xarous: Actually, right after I posted the comment about vegetable brushes, I found this:

I'd have even posted it as a deal, but it's a storefront, and there weren't that many left. I so dislike Amazon's stupid links, though. I'd try to have a cleaner one (with less of the tracking crap), but I'm lazy this morning.

The kind of brush you just displayed is fine, but I prefer the handled ones. The Lola ones I just ordered will be here on Monday. I'm hoping they work out. Six will last me for years.