questionsthinking about getting a used ps3 consoles for…


I'd say now that the PS4 is out it's a great idea - the price has dropped significantly. The PS3 games are still very high quality graphics-wise, and if you get an older version of the PS3 it is possible that it will still be compatible with PS2 games, which are super cheap right now too. I'd suggest a refurbed PS3 with some sort of money back guarantee if it doesn't work but the hardware is decent anyway, and even a new PS3 is pretty decently priced. Many people believe the PS3 to be superior to the Xbox 360, but I don't personally own a play station so I can't comment on that. Quick google search found these, although you should probably shop around:

Good luck!


Honestly, I would avoid the old version of the PS3 -- so many YLOD issues and you can't guarantee it won't just die again -- or for the first time for that matter. If you're wanting a PS3, they're great for kids. Lots of parental controls allow you to supervise what he/she can or can't do. I have one in my den and my three, four and six year old play games all by themselves. It also streams Netflix if you're into that.

The PS4 is still a bit on the pricey side and I've never been a fan of buying the first wave of consoles (so many issues, etc). If they come out with a improved version in the next year or so and you want to wait, that would be the route to go


I work at a place that does (among other things) second-hand retail, and I can tell you that the PS3 is a solid system, even today. It'll play blu-rays, has streaming apps for netflix, hulu, amazon, etc, the games are all blu-ray based (which are scratch resistant) and the fact that Sony will continue to release games for the PS3 even with a newer system out (as they did with the PS2 when they released the PS3). If you can get one cheap, I'd say it's definitely worth it, and I'd look into the Playstation Plus membership (depending on the age of your kids). For $50 a year, you get a free game about every week/every other week.