questionshow can i edit my deal listing?


Tattle on it, and request that the tags you wish are added.


For future reference you have approximately 5 minutes to make changes or delete answers, deals etc. before they are mostly permanent. Like the answer above states, after that window only a moderator can make changes and tattling is the way to get their attention.


You know, that's a pretty knowledgeable answer from someone who just added their account two days ago. Either you've read an awful lot, and studied the site like crazy, or (and I know this is a crazy idea) perhaps you're not all that new.

Yes, I read the question you posted. Yes, I'm deeply cynical. Yes, I need more coffee.

Mostly I'm commenting because I am interested (when traffic is low, certain things tend to stand out more). Fascinating.

[Edit] Another thing I'm finding interesting is the commenters on the three items voted for by our question asker, here.

As I'd said, when activity is low, anomalies really stand out. Nice to see that Deals can still entertain me.


I agree with shrdlu. I believe it may be a 3rd account for someone who already has 2 and sits on top of the voters leaderboard.


Not sure I posted my reply in the correct place.
So, once again to set the record straight..I have ONE account and one account only.
I went looking for help and found skeptics and from the looks of it, people who have nothing better to do with their time than to post negative and incorrect commentary.


@maureen725: My comment was not directed at you; it was intended for the person answering your question. Sorry for the confusion and welcome to DW.


@maureen725: They weren't talking about you.

@shrdlu: Stalking wooters.... not cool. Remember you kinda scare wooters off when you do that.


Thanks for letting me know. I appreciate it.