questionshow do you plan to celebrate mother's day?


I'm at mom's now with my family. Tomorrow we'll do a lot of her planting/spring yard work. Sunday we'll go out to brunch after church. The rest of the time will be time for her to hang with us and the her grandkids.


Sunday morning, my gf and I are playing cab driver for her sister and BIL who are returning from a cruise. My daughter will be staying with me (instead of her mother, for some reason), though she'll probably just sleep late on Sunday morning.

My mother died in 1990, so Mother's Day is a relative non-event for me, though I'll note that this year's constant barrage of "what are you getting for you mother?" ads from everywhere has been bothering me for the first time in I cannot remember how long.


When we asked my mom what she wanted to do, she was more interested in having a family get-together tonight to watch the Caps-Rangers Game 7 than getting together tomorrow for a more traditional meal!

My mom has never been much for tradition, and if I bought her flowers, she'd probably look at me like I'd grown two heads. I usually buy her a hilarious card, pick out a kitschy gift (usually something with flamingos, her favorite), and we spend the day together as a family.

Whatever makes her happy!


@baqui63: It is amazing about the ads isn't it. I celebrate the day because I want to make the day a special family day, not because the card and flower companies want me to. And we stopped going out to dinner on Mother's Day 15 years ago when the dinner just felt rushed and crowed. Having dinner as a family, even pizza, was better than that and we could really talk.


@saramwrap: Moms usually love family time. That's what we are doing tomorrow, spending time as a family at home, just the four of us.