questionswhat is the best study supplements?


I personally discourage supplements in this scenario. I suggest eating healthy, getting plenty of water and being well rested. Studies have shown that the brain functions better when your body is hydrated.


yeah, you're fooling yourself if you think any legal supplement is going to make you do better than studying hard and getting a good night's rest.


Plenty of protein to feed the brain, personal preference is beef and chicken (nonfastfood) and plenty of apples... provides fructose to keep you going... and like others said, drink water... exercise too is crucial. Studies consistently show that exercise helps hone the brain and improve memory...this simple regimine has worked well for me for over 30 years... I wish you lots of luck!!!


hope things go well in your life. changes can be nerve racking. just remember there are people that care for you.


Study for the test in the same environment you will be taking the test - your recall is better when you learn & recall in similar surroundings. Time of day, large room, fluorescent lights, other people being quiet. A library simulates a classroom quite well, just don't use the comfortable chairs.

Also, give yourself a few days break between study sessions. If you 'learn' and then 're-learn', it will stick better.


Thanks guys for the help. I appreciate it all.