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I'm sure you mean well, but I can't imagine anyone seriously asking a bunch of total strangers for advice on something so intimate and meaningful.


you joined today just to ask this question? no disrespect or anything, but i'm calling shenanigans!


@carl669: I was searching online, and one of the searches came up here, so I liked the thoughts people had, but I thought with offering a little more detail I would find something that would really seem right. and Magic Cave, yes I understand that, and it does seem a little off kilter but I'm just not sure and my findings haven't been anything different.


Not sure if this will work for you, it requires a lot of planning in advance.

My husband and I got married last September. I had saved a memento of (almost) everything we had done together while we were dating and engaged. I had movie tickets, play tickets, admission tickets and wristbands, silk flowers that came with stuffed animals he had gotten me, those little pressed and stamped pennies you can get as souvenirs at a lot of places, etc. Before our wedding, I went out and bought a white scrapbook and some glue and rubber cement. I put everything that would fit between the pages into the scrapbook and gave it to him after our wedding.

I don't think he realized just how many things I had saved. I think he was very touched by the gift. It was great to watch him go through it and remember all the things we had done together over the years.

It's not a very practical gift, but I think it is very meaningful.


@jhammer1228: sorry for the doubt. there have been other questions like this (personal question, person just joined that day, etc) that were probably a spammer trying to build their rep. but, the fact that you even bothered to respond to my shenanigans call hopefully puts you above that.

so, to answer your question, personally, i'm not a fan of the whole buy each other a gift for your wedding. things like what @sunnyx0r did are very cool and personal (instead of just buying the other person an expensive watch or something), so that's the route i would take. the fact that you've pledged to spend the rest of your life (hopefully) with the other person speaks worlds more than any gift. but, that's just my opinion.

i've never been on a cruise, but the couples massage thing seems like it would be nice. have you considered a surprise dinner at a really nice restaurant at one of the ports?


You mean I shoulda got a gift, too? It wasn't enough that he married me?

Damn it.


I didn't get a gift nor did I give one. I think he figures the rock(s) he gave me was my gift and I figure getting me was his gift! :)


We didn't exchange gifts. I don't think I've ever heard of that, but it's a nice thought. I'd go with something more personal and meaningful, as has already been suggested, rather than some material item.


Congrats! I got married last October, it's a good month!
You said that she has lots of jewelry, but does she have any from you (except for the ring)? I got my wife a necklace, and it means more than her other jewelry because it was from our wedding day.
I hope that once you get married you get to spend more time together even though jobs get in the way.


Well, my dad got my mom a clothes washer and dryer when they got married. The washer and dryer lasted for over 20 years.
A friend of mine got his wife pearl earrings. Another friend got nice Ray Ban sunglasses from his wife. Yet another friend got the Lego X-Wing set that was on top of his groom's cake from his wife. I know a number of friends who didn't exchange gifts for the wedding.

What about an e-reader with some books that she likes/might like? That would be something she could use on the honeymoon and later. Does she have any electronics that need upgrading? Something like a new iPod with your wedding date inscribed on the back might work, extra points if you preload her music and include a playlist of "your songs".

That's about all I got, but maybe that's cause I'm single and not a typical girl. For me, a nice new pocket knife, super bright flashlight or cool Lego set I've been wanting would be great.


We didn't exchange gifts, but my husband did get me a nice pair of earrings before we got married so I could wear them on our wedding day :) Not sure if a piece of wedding-day jewelry would work, but it's an awesome idea so every time she wears it she'll remember the big day.


If you go the jewelry route, have it engraved with a special message and the date. Watches have a nice back for this. :)


I have never heard of giving your spouse a gift on the wedding day? Your already giving all of yourself and the wedding ring. I don't know how I would feel about giving anything else. To me it seems to cheapen the commitment your making.


Is there something she's always dreamed of doing? Europe is a prime spot for making lifelong dreams come true. Arrange for her to be professionally photographed or painted in front of the Eiffel Tower, take her to hear the Pope say Mass at the Sistine Chapel (we stumbled into that one accidentally when we were there), on a gondala ride with serenade in Venice, take her on an excursion to the town where her ancestors lived and go looking for gravestones, there are so many possibilities!


Another tack (pun intended)
Take her on a hot air balloon ride in Europe. They are a lot of fun and definitely not mundane. Quite romantic, in fact.
Tuscany offers unique world renowned scenery and it is the most famous tourist destination. From the vantage point of a hot air balloon, you can admire luxuriant woodlands, ancient cities, hills and vineyards.
Located south west of Paris, Essonne region is also called the "secret garden of Ile-de-France". At the dawn of the day or before sunset, discover its many architectural treasures and landscapes with AERFUN Paris Balloons.

For about 600 euros you can get a private flight for just the two of you if you really want it to be romantic.


If I am not mistaken the traditional gift is a dowry to the father and you giving it up to your it.


@deputybangles: Why, when I read your name, did the little boombox inside my head start playing "just another manic Monday"?


Do you mean this October or are you really planning something for October 2013?


In some communities it is traditional for the bride and groom to exchange gifts on their wedding day. Sometimes it is kind of scripted and expected, like is a pearl necklace and cuff-links.

You can give her a diamond heart necklace. It can be something that she will wear every day (unless you gave her one of those already...)

Another idea is to set up a life insurance policy and name her as your beneficiary. Tell her that you know its a little morbid, but that you want to know that no matter what, she will be ok.


Wow a bunch of responses, thanks guys. I am truly planning something for october 2013 lol. It has been known to be a tradition for some and not for others. We are semi-traditional and I know this is something she would really appreciate. I love the scrap book idea, I have saved a LOT of things as well and she made me a scrapbook around our 2 year mark so she would appreciate the time I took for it. She has some necklaces from me as well. I think that life insurance policy is a good one also seeing as I'm hers already. The different trips while in Europe sound awesome as well. It seems like a bunch of these ideas are excellent and I will have to incorporate a lot of these together. I'm also thinking of a card that is handwritten but stating a specific amount of time i.e. 40 hours in which she is entitled to have me do whatever she desires. Even though I will be with her for a lifetime it seems sweet. Thanks everyone again it is really appreciated!


@carl669: and no worries man, on some forums I'm on spammers are the worst. But sadly I was here to legitimately ask such a question lol.


Check out Elite Glass Cards. Very unique gift that your fiance will Love. You can personalize it, customize it, tell her exactly how you feel about her and why you want to marry her. Elegant, lovey gift.