questionsshould i get a new netbook or get a tablet…


For browsing the web and for creating documents with google docs, either will work for you.

I suppose your decision should be made by the other things you might want to do. Do you want to watch DVD's on the device? Hook it up to a printer? Use a big screen monitor? Increase the hard drive size? Those and other questions can dictate which device you should buy.


@cengland0: Good points though -
1. Streaming media makes a lot of DVD need irrelevant.
2. Printing is a good point. So much so I went searching for how to do that from an iThing.
3. Depending on the tablet, there are cables for that!
4. The hard drive thing is a solid point.

I learned something new today that I can actually use (see #2), so thanks for that, @cengland0! :)

edit - clearly, I'm preferring a tablet here


@inkycatz: 4. What about online storage?
I would like to add
5. Typing (no keyboard)


@inkycatz: Actually, even though you can stream data, watching a DVD can still be important in places like an airplane or other places that you do not have internet access.

So are you going to be in an area where you will always have wifi access? I wouldn't recommend streaming through a wireless company like AT&T or Verizon because that will take up your data plan.


@cengland0: Thanks. No interest in DVDs. I stream everything I want through Roku. Printer--maybe, but I've been able to get away without it.

Hard drive compatible--yeah, that would probably be a good idea. That might kill the tablet thought, eh?, @Cengland0 ?



@caffeine_dude: The typing on a keyboard is not really that big of an issue. You can get bluetooth keyboards and if you get an ASUS transformer tab (TF200, TF300, or TF700), there are keyboards that you can snap your tablet into like a dock and use it like a laptop.


@cengland0: I fly about once a year. I use my netbook mostly at home, using my own internet/wireless router.

DVDs are absolutely not a priority, even if I was flying a lot. Between my ipod, Kindle, in-flight entertainment, and the power of my imagination (not to mention the Klonopin), I do not need DVDs in most situations.


@cengland0: I really, really, really like this idea. But the price tag for this will be about $500. At that price, is there a comparable laptop I can buy?


@curli76: Needing a hard drive may not be a tablet killer. I have an ASUS TF700 with a dock-to-USB adapter and I was able to plug in an external hard drive and it reads it just fine. It can even read NTFS.

The problem is that this is only an external drive and it makes it awkward to have to carry the tablet and the drive separately. Laptops have the hard drives inside and that's more convenient.


@inkycatz: When you say, "3. Depending on the tablet, there are cables for that!" are you referring to the monitor comment?

Please note that a monitor usually uses a DVI connector and has a higher resolution than a TV that uses HDMI. My tablet has a microHDMI output and works great with my TV but the resolution is still much lower than my 30" monitor that does 2560 x 1600. You'd be hard pressed to find a TV that can do that resolution.

My laptop can connect to the same monitor but none of my phones or tablets can. It requires a dual-link DVI.


@cengland0: Thanks. Ever since a few too many "I can't have nice things" moments, I have forbid myself from having an actual computer, so my netbook is really my home computer, and that's worked out fine. I don't really take it anywhere.


@cengland0: Sounds like a rather awesome monitor you have there, but I'm pretty sure most people have smaller monitors with much lower resolution. Anything over 1920x1080 gets pretty cost-prohibitive.


a few more questions that could be factors:

how portable do you want it to be?
How long to you want to be able run it without recharging?


@lxzndr: I would like to be able to take it with me every once in a blue moon. I don't need anything too portable--I almost never take my current netbook out of my apartment, and I'm fine with its tiny screen size. Austerity works for me.

I would like to get a few hours without charging. The battery in my netbook has been dead for a while, and I have been using it plugged in 100% of the time. It's not ideal, but it's liveable. Thanks.


@curli76: I would then say stick with a netbook or low end laptop (hard to tell the difference these days) in that case.
Any amount of typing on a tablet is going to be difficult without a real keyboard, and a fully connected keyboard is going to be better than a bluetooth connecting to tablet. Plus you have more options with the netbook, such as easier connection to larger monitor (or tv), mouse, keyboard, portable drives, etc.


@lxzndr: Thanks, and thanks all for your suggestions. After doing a little more reading and evaluating, I've decided that another netbook is best this time around. Suggestions for which one to get are welcome.


Hard drive could be an Internet connected NAS.