questionsif woot offered wrapping paper would you use it?


Only if they wrapped the product itself and not the external box they ship it in. In other words, you open the regular packing box and you get your wrapped box inside. It would be nice to select from several patterns if possible.


I did that too, but for my brother for Christmas. I goofed and forgot to remove/black out the shipping label, so he saw what was inside the box before he opened it. :(

If Woot offered a $3 dollar gift wrapping service, I would be all over that gift wrapping option, especially in any October or early November Woot-off, since my purchases then would be mostly Christmas gifts.

Do it woot! You're leaving money on the table!


I can just imagine the haters whining about 'smartwrap' taking soooo long.


Depending on the item, I'd be in for that. I'd also just be up for a Shirt.woot wrapping paper weekly sale!

Think about it, just like the current poster/card/print sale. But with Shirt.woot / Woot inspired wrapping paper.


I thought you were talking about selling rolls of wrapping paper, in which case:
Woot Gift Wrap- $0.99 + $5.00 shipping

In for 3


I thought the brown box was the wrapping...


@jsoko: I agree, I think the brown box is good enough wrapping paper for me. I'll save my few extra bucks for another woot item!


@abramokids: You put it much more eloquently than I did, well done. My thoughts exactly.


I wouldn't. I always make sure what I bought is what shipped. You can't do that if it is already wrapped. Plus, if I had them wrap one present, my family would expext all of them to be wrapped, and I so am not doing that. Also, I like the Woot! boxes. They make great wrapping, and all I have to do is retape it. I know they don't ship everything thing in a Woot! box, but I like them better than wrapping paper.


Like @pyxientx I also always open the box to make sure my correct items were shipped and they are in good condition. I have never ordered anything with wrapping as it's much cheaper for me to do it myself. But...I am one of those crazy people who LOVES wrapping presents.


@coconutextreme: Can you wrap all mine? As much as I shop, I would have to own stock in wrapping paper companies, like I do Amazon, but I hate to deprive people of tasks they love.


I like the idea of Woot selling Woot! wrapping paper. I'd definitely buy some to wrap gifts for my friends and relatives who would appreciate it.

Not so certain I'd use a gift wrapping option. Most of the time I figure if I'm sending something to someone, the surprise of getting a boxed item is enough and I don't need to pay the extra for gift wrapping...but maybe that's just because I'm cheap.

vote-for3vote-against Weekly contest as well? This could be interesting; I'm always looking for "different" wrapping paper. Funky balloon wrap for birthdays? Bloody zombies for "over the hill" birthdays? There would probably be too many cute & fuzzy animals though...


I'd love to see them buy that burger wrapping paper that was on kickstarter @ Christmas.


Not likely, they pack stuff bad enough that I would not trust them to do a "nice" wrapping job.


If your question is about gift wrapping service, my answer is no.
If 'tis about wrapping paper, I'd love to have some with Monte and Mortimor.


no. the operating theory behind woot (at least pre-amazon) is KISS.


I'd be in for rolls of woot wrapping paper, but I wouldn't want them to gift wrap. I inspect all my woots - even the gifts and test them to make sure they work before they go out into the world.