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You should have added a synopsis to the story lol


This one:

Both Mirella Freni and Plácido Domingo were at the height of their form. It was actually a gift from my husband, many years ago, and he was quite surprised to see me suddenly burst into tears during Un Bel Di (this affects more women than just myself, which is unsurprising).

Perfect aria, perfect voice, and ideal choice of tenor (Placido was beautiful in those days; still is, of course). Please note that I do not recommend this DVD, but it was the quickest link on Amazon. I saw the production in the original, and have a two CD set of it. Ignore the review, read the comments.


@shrdlu: Freni and Domingo would be a great choice, absolutely. I don't seem to be able to find an audio recording of this, though.

Freni and Carreras I could find it (and that's a good match, too, I love Carreras' vulnerability).

Seattle Opera is putting this on, I hope those Woot staff in Seattle can make it to the performances. It's going to be great!


@lll0228: The audio CD no longer seems to exist, sadly. Second best is the original VHS tape from 1974, or the DVD made from it. The comments in the link I provided should be helpful in determining which to acquire. Ms Freni has a perfect and delicate soprano, and her phrasing in that role is memorable.

I will say that I have not heard this full recording by Leontyne Price, but having heard her Un Bel Di on the immortal Blue Album, I would say that acquiring the CD of this seems mandatory.

I just ordered it (before I posted this comment). This recording should be in the collection of any serious opera lover.


We don't have opera in my part of the country...sorry, but no opinion here.


@shrdlu: Great choice indeed, and that one I have already! Price is absolutely phenomenal.

By the way, if you also like classical music as much as I do, I would even recommend ALL of RCA's Living Stereo recordings. I haven't heard any one of them being anything but phenomenal.