questionshas anyone ever had hyphema?


Ouch! I had to google that one.

"Hyphema is blood in the front area (anterior chamber) of the eye. The blood collects behind the cornea and in front of the iris."

Nope. Haven't had it. Sounds like it hurts. Hope it heals fast.


I have never had hyphema, but I have treated it in animals (I'm a veterinarian). Most cases are the result of trauma and do not recur. The blood came from somewhere, though, so you need to be checked for high blood pressure, glaucoma, and eyeball tumors. If nothing is found in the eye, you need to have a general checkup and blood profile with a clotting panel to look for systemic issues. Sometimes hyphema is an allergic response, so try to recall any drugs or foods you might have consumed in the immediate past. Even drugs you take routinely can be suspect. You need to see a good ophthalmologist soon, but the blood needs to settle in order to see inside the eye, so don't go shaking your head and mixing it all up. My patients are constantly flapping their ears and interfering with the exam - hopefully your ears are less floppy.


ears are less floppy, thanks. So far no reason found~go to specialist Wed.