questionswhat makes xbox live gold worth the $36 annual…


Well considering the NORMAL annual subscription price is $60 you're already getting a great deal. But there is Netflix, Hulu, and online xbox play that make it worth the $36 bucks. If you're not a gamer it still offers alot of things like ESPN3 and Netflix. The access to ESPN3 is worth $36 in my opinion. But there's always the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, that's what makes it worth the cash!


I thought it was pretty neat that Verizon makes an XBOX app that lets you watch live TV.


Crackle is like s HULU (with less shows) and is free for XBL users. Also the online play far exceeds that of the free PS3 play (or the paid for that matter).

Also is a 1-stop shop for "most" of your needs.. gaming/netflix/hulu/crackle/video-streaming/etc.

The Original Xbox is a far superior media center to any console out there (period). I wish they could have at least been able to meet the xbox standard =/


For starters compare the download speeds over XBOX Live and Playstation network. I am sure that they apply part of the membership fee to dedicated servers and such.

I wont play games unless they are exclusive on PS3 because you never know what an update will appear soaking up that 20 minutes you had to play before your wife or girlfriend arrives home. With XBOX it is seconds to download.

Playstation has huge download times on system updates as well.

This is my main reason for paying for XBOX live each month. I would rather pay for speed than wait for a long download.

Secondly I feel XBOX is more of a community where as PS3 makes it difficult and awkward to find friends and play online.

To be clear though I have a PS3 and a XBOX. My PS3 I use for PS3 exclusive games and Blu-Ray - XBOX is everything else.

The adage is true - you get what you pay for.


@ebersole12: Also they just started the Live Streaming which look awesome. Previously you could only watch highlights.


@agent019: Yeah that's what i meant was the live stuff. Ive had the live stream for about 3 months from ESPN's beta


I think it is definitely worth it. It is usually much more expensive, around $60. I use it for netflix, occasionally facebook,, Halo 3 Multiplayer, and Party chats. I know you can do private chats without having Gold, but I do enjoy talking to multiple people at once, which can only be done in a party.
I usually hate campaigns, especially for first person shooters, so Xbox Live Gold is essential for me if I want to play Halo 3 or Reach. That way I can play multiplayer or I can have people come into my campaign to help me get achievements. Oh! That's another thing!! Some achievements you cannot get without playing Online.