questionswhere can i find the best deal on a ninja blender?


@jsimsace: You are, as always, bad. I mean that in the very best sense. :-D


I bought mine from Bed Bath and Beyond. Seems all the brick and mortar stores had them for the same price but I have a bunch of 20% off coupons for Bed Bath and Beyond.

After using my first Ninja, it was so good that I bought a second one to give away as a gift.

The first one I bought developed a problem where the motor seemed to get weak and it would struggle to crush ice. I brought it back to Bed Bath and Beyond about a year later and they didn't even bother to look at the receipt. They didn't ask for the box or anything else. Just asked me to go to the shelf and grab a new one.

Awesome experience.


Come on REALLY? Walmart of course!! They match anyones prices!!


May I recommend the Kitchen Aid 5-speed blender. This blender is featured on many 'vs' videos on youtube, etc, versus the top tier blenders and usually comes out on top. This blender can easily be found sub $99 on the regular not including discounts, coupons etc. Can be found at Target, Bed, Bath, and Body Works Beyond (inside joke), amazon, and so forth.

Edit: BUT, I concur with the Bed Bath and Beyond 20% coupon. Those you can usually find frequently.


My son bought me one Thursday at Walmart for $24.99 (I think? it was a gift). They were 39.00 Black Friday, marked way down now.


@cengland0: I was looking around for a discounted Vita-Mix for a while and found the same thing. Most stores that offered a discount stipulated that it could not be used on a Ninja or Vita-Mix, but not Bed, Bath & Beyond. I even called and they said I would be able to use it.

You might also want to check out QVC. In the end that is where I picked up the Vita-Mix. They had the best price and it came with a couple of extras.


1saleaday has them often. its where i got mine


@cbellono: There is no way that was the 1100 Watt maodel


@coondogg97: Wow, you were right about QVC. They do have very good prices. I actually bought the 1500 Watt (mega kitchen system) model which is $320 at Bed, bath, and beyond. I got it from the ninja website for $160 and used a %15 off coupon code I found from searching google. It came out to like $135


$19.99 W/ Free Shipping

don't know if it exactly what you are looking for.