questionsdid you hear that dennis farino has died?


Just a few minutes ago on NPR. Way too soon; he was a terrific character actor, and his talents will be missed.


Saving Private Ryan. Great movie, great actor.


Crime Story was one of the best cop shows on TV. Really good at times. Real strange at times (second season). I like strange.


I have seen him in a lot of roles but I spent the most time with Joe Fontana, so that's always who he'll be to me.


Law and Order's det. Joe Fontana.

My other favorite role of his, was a small part in "Another Stakeout" . It showed another side of his acting from all the cop shows.
I also thought he was very handsome older gentleman.


Served in the Army for 3 years before joining the Chicago PD for 13 years before being cast by the great Michael Mann in Thief.

Proof that one does not need acting classes to be a talented actor.


Ironically enough, his character on New Girl (Nick's dad) passed away this past season.

He'll always be Cousin Avi to me.


@no1: Oh, my! You're right! And I knew that, so I wonder why I kept typing "o" instead of "a" !!!


That really sucks. He stole every movie he was in no matter how big or small the part.