questionsdid you know that yesterday was our highest…


downvote me here if you wish to be negative about me/my message but still have this question elevated so it can be properly derided. :)


maybe you guys were counting clicks twice, being in both tabs? or from people clicking in to inspect more deals to see if they're spotting dupes or just going crazy? perhaps more tweets went out due to non-popular deals being in "top"? (used to be all popular deals got tweeted)

wedit: is this counting users clicking once, users viewing any woot page, or total clicks by everyone?


@w00tgurl: just measured engagement of distinct users on this snapshot, not actions per user.


@snapster: i edited after your reply, but i was also asking... is this counting users clicking once or more times to vote, users viewing any woot page, or total clicks (votes) by everyone?


@w00tgurl: sorry, good call out - here's our internal definition:

Members must be logged in and vote or add content to the site to be counted as active.

(Guests that come to the site alone are not active...
Members that come to the site and are logged in are not active...
Guests/Members that come to the site and click through to detail pages or deals themselves are not active)


What do I win? :)

Technically it requires more clicks to navigate/explore the site now too.

Congratulations though on your achievement. Those are always nice!


@zontor: we didn't measure clicks here - this is distinct users engaged in a voting or commenting or deal/question adding fashion. clicking is for lurkers.


It is no surprise that activity was up. Something was changed on the site and the community was crabby about it.


increased activity is usually because of change.. (Negative or Positive)..

I wouldn't view the recent change as a positive change, but I am getting used to it I think..


@snapster: You pointed that out earlier, my apologies. That's what I got for multitasking and looking at this site at work.

I'm still note sure why reordering the data (so to speak) increases voting other than to say it possibly uncovers items that were otherwise missed. Should you be inclined to share I'd be interested in your longer term conclusions.


@snapster: What was the change August to September for 1 year ago... I would expect an end of summer increase in traffic... If this year's increase is greater than last year's then, job well done...


@snapster: I am perhaps reading something into your comment about "contributing pointlessly" to mean some of the chat back and forth between the users that we occasionally (or in my case often would be the better word) indulge in- I want to be sure I understand exactly what you meant. Thank you.


@klozitshoper: Read the posted definition of contributing for context. It doesn't seem to be a criticism of anyones contributions. Rather, it's admitting the record referenced takes into account contributions which don't affect the value of the site. Value, defined by woot teams goals for deals.woot. For example, the figure still includes me logging in to post CRAB on someone's deal for no real purpose. I read it at least.

Anyway, good job woot. I'm finding the changes a bit confusing, but maybe it will make more sense in time.


Interesting. A question:

So three logged in users, one who votes for a single deal, one who posts a single comment, and a third who posts a single deal, would all be counted as active users (though the deal and comment posters, presuming that they have voting rights, would also be voting for their own comment or deal). A fourth logged in user who does all three (votes for a single deal, posts a comment, and adds a deal) would obviously count as an active user as well.

But would the fourth user count as more active? (Does this concept even exist in your model?)


Wait a minute...I was here yesterday. Coincidence? I think not.

@snapster: you're welcome.

Seriously though, congrats - you guys have been cranking out new features like crazy lately. How many of you guys are working on that stuff at any given point? You and @shawnmiller answer 90% of the questions I read about new features, but I'd think at the pace you guys crank new stuff out there'd be more than a couple of you.


@hobbitss: yeah i was wondering something similar.. if every wednesday is woot's highest users active ever. meaning the count of users active is steadily increasing, which is great growth but not something to point out unless it's a milestone of 1 million or something.

was wednesday 'out of the ordinary' high or just a typical weekly high count which keeps steadily growing?
could it have had to do with the Amazon tablet and new kindle announcements? stragglers or something, hoping to score a woot deal or announcement BOC?
was new user registration up also for the day?


@w00tgurl: I informally track sales trends for work and try to recognize trends rather than just reacting to peaks and troughs that vary do to environmental factors out of our control... Seasonal trends is something I regularly see and is something I expect here as well...
I wouldn't be surprised if any one or more of the factors you have listed could have contributed to the spike in traffic as well as the confusion factor caused by the radical changes... I wonder if we will get replies to our current questions???


There are definitely valid points on contributing factors. I expect our changes will remain impossible to isolate, but I'll look for other objective reasons my gut feel exists and report them.

Of note, a primary operational consideration here is how compelling the front page entry point is now for the 99% of visitors who don't participate. Obviously this goal is not perfectly aligned with yours in UI, but I believe our deal content has room to improve as we grow.

Update: Yesterday (9/29) was now the highest unique user activity day in history. +28.3% above rolling 30 day average.


@snapster: glad woot is growing so much! any big plans for wooters or deal.wooters on black friday? anything exciting? :-D


@w00tgurl: last year I had deals woot open the whole day - I'm pretty hopeful about the level of activity and deal content this year. Loss leaders are my favorite kind of shopping :)


@snapster: Once again, thank you for your explanations.

Okay then. Your primary operational consideration (re: front page entry) concerns those who DO NOT participate. So I'll jump to a, perhaps, invalid conclusion... You're more interested in pleasing those who don't submit deals/answers, click on deals/answers, etc. than those who do so daily. Odd! BTW: For those who didn't know, and I was one of them - UI = User Interface

Re: the "highest unique user activity." Guess I'm not unique. Am also guessing that a lot of black triangle's aren't either. After approximately 3PM ET yesterday I did nothing. Zero deal submissions, clicks up, comments (both on deals & questions). IOW I became inactive. My empty mail box told me many others did too.

Cont. on following post.


@snapster: Previous post cont.

Will say once again, your changes are geared to internal monitoring. Not user friendly to those of us who enjoy using the site daily. Please put your internal stat-gathering back so that we, the users, are not forced to work around them.

I do understand that this is your site, and I'm a guest here. But I would be remiss if I didn't say this: You may win this battle, but you are losing the war along w/many dedicated participants. The desire to come here is waning. The rep board, through your alterations, is becoming meaningless. If that was one of your goals, you're succeeding.


@gmwhit While you are correct that I am biased by my commercial and career reputation desires to grow the platform, I am also a user. I respectfully disagree with your conclusion and your ability to assess the new user interface in this period of great pain over the change. I tested this function for 6 months before it was implemented and, after quite a bit of time being skeptical, I ended up liking it tremendously much more as a user. I will be continuing to listen, but listening also involves monitoring usage stats - in fact this is the only way to incorporate feedback from all active users. Bottom line though, you are correct - if we design a user interface that people don't like to use, we certainly won't grow.


@snapster: Deeply appreciate your response! An observation which may be totally off base: I think your career colored your objectivity. As I've mentioned previously - 6 months is a very long time. My attention span (re: laboriously working around the changes) will not last that long. Especially since I believe the 'changes' should be totally internalized. IOW Your monitoring and tracking should be invisible to your users.


@gmwhit: One of the main tenets of the Woot brand is transparency. We love sharing stats and creating a platform without bias. While I respect your emotions, I don't really know how to respect logic that we should not be transparent.

I guess in this case you may be saying that I'm laughing at others being unhappy which I can understand. I'd like to believe I'm helping, but there's a certain combativeness in this I don't deny. I strongly believe in this change.


@snapster: Didn't say that you should not be transparent. Only said that the manner in which you derive those stats should be invisible/transparent to every day users.

Perhaps I'm wrong but it seems that your recent changes are geared to your need to track/monitor. You have put those changes into effect on the user board. It is now cumbersome; not streamlined and user-friendly.

In no way did I think or infer that you were laughing at anything.

Done now. You win.


@snapster: I lied a bit. I'm not done...

Gasp Sputter Gag Er..... ah..... Let me just take this foot out of my mouth so I can speak. Stutter.... Ahem - clearing throat...

Read on another thread that you are the founder of woot! Had NO idea. Not sure that I would have worded things as I did. Sorry if I seemed (was) brusk. Not intentional. I have the utmost respect for you and your accomplishments.

That said, I still believe that the new tab system, etc. on deals and questions is cumbersome and not user-friendly. "User" defined as those who did not start the company, nor are currently employed by woot.

Continued on following post...


@snapster: Cont.

I understand that you need all kinds of internal tracking devices. Just wish that you would keep them hidden, so that we, the every day people, cannot see them & don't have to work around them. Please make it simple (the ole KISS system), so that we can click on Fresh (or New) deals, Popular deals (those w/the most votes). Same idea on the Questions side. There are way too many tabs to click. And many of them mean nothing to the general user. ...Extraneous stuff that we don't need or want to see.

Again, sorry if I came on a bit strong. Have found in the past the good 'bosses' do want to know the unvarnished truth most of the time. You strike me as that kind of person. IOW, not one who cultivates "yes wo/men."

Thanks for reading this and considering (again) what I'm trying to say.



@gmwhit: too late, @snapster has put you on his naughty list. nothing but coal in all your future BOCs. everyone else will get HDTVs, woohoo!


@w00tgurl: Oh, crap! Too late for this? ....> :-X