questionsare you a walking dead fan with a sense of humor?


Saw it earlier. I love the broadway bit.


I really enjoy all of those videos. This one doesn't disappoint.

I really wish they would do one of just the zombies though. That was the best part (although the Broadway bit was good too).


In my opinion, if you like the Walking Dead and you don't have a sense of humor, you probably shouldn't post on woot. You think zombies are bad, wait until you get jumped on for posting a non-deal ;-)


Never watched WD but I do have a sense of humor. It may be a little twisted but it's there.


Anyway,thank moondrake for sharing ! ^ ^


I couldn't watch the whole thing because it looks like some of those clips were from Season 3 and I only watched Seasons 1 and 2 so far. Don't want this spoiling any possible surprises. I'll wait until Season 3 is available on DVD before I begin watching the rest. Perhaps I'l revisit this video once I'm done with the latest episodes.

The beginning was pretty good though. The guys that do these are pretty funny.


@cengland0: I was going to ask the spoiler alert level. Thanks!


@cengland0: Sorry, it didn't occur to me that there were fans who hadn't seen the most recent season. Thanks for mentioning it. There are definitely season three scenes in there.


Having to watch Andrea emote over and over almost kills the whole thing. :)


I am just not a fan of the bad lip readings at all. Seems like someone just speaking gibberish over a video.


The guy who does this (I assume this is the same guy) was on Tosh.0 somewhat recently. I think it is hilarious (especially the Mitt Romney one).


haha! i think my favorite scene is when the Asian dude is complaining about the white chick not being exotic enough and wanting a "brown girl". the guy i share an office with just commented on me giggling like a girl for the last 5 minutes....