questionsdo you watch judge judy?


It's usually on when I come home from work. If I'm ever having a bad day, I put it on. It always makes me feel better about where I'm at in my life. I especially enjoy this episode.


Have watched her in the past. Somehow got out of the habit. Thanks for asking the question!

Am definitely going to start again. I love her acerbic wit. And, she's usually right. Dead on. So enjoy the way she reams new A-vents for the deadbeats.


She is the best. Glad she's not my mother tho.


No, but a couple of months back I read the show's entire Wikipedia page. It was interesting to find out how the whole thing worked.


I think this was the best case ever.


No way to Judge Judy, but I do catch People's Court almost everyday. It's much less sensationalized and Judge Milian actually explains her rulings well and isn't just bully like Judge Judy.


@miken927: Oh, yes! I do like Judge Milian. She is strong, strict and has a sense of humor.


I admit it, I love that angry, elderly Jewish lady. Yelling at people for being stupid or using welfare money to buy cell phones... She's great.


@miken927 and @gmwhit: Judge Milian is the best, though. You are both right.


Hundreds of TV channels and still, most nights it is more fun watching Judge Judy yell at people.


My wife is a Deputy District Attorney.. she hates Judge Judy because "she doesn't follow the law".

The only TV judge she likes is Judge Millian.


I don't watch Judge Judy, I just watch cartoons and films.