questionsdo you want a $10,000 itunes gift card?


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I only get free apps... so I don't really care about a gift card.


I have a better chance of being struck by lightning wearing a rubber suit. But if I did it would be excellent.


Not to into apple stuff but good luck for those who are attempting!


I'd love to win it. But will I go out of my way to try no not really. Though IF I do win some how I will gift you and the 3 users above me one free app. =P


I'll buy one or two apps that have been on my list for a while...worth a shot.

edit: Oh wait. This is for the iOS store. nvm.


Counter is for illustrative purposes only.

Awww shucks.

Regardless of which method of entry is used to enter the Promotion, only twenty-five (25) entries per person and/or iTunes account and/or email address, per day will be granted.


If my math is correct (50/50) that counter (if real) would hit 25 billion in 3.4027777777778 days. Short answer. No I will not.


i'd love a $5,000 (post-tax) gift card if it didn't mean i have to stoop low enough to own an apple device in order to take advantage of it.


If I won, I'd sell the thing for $1,000. I really hate spending money on intangible things.


There is a non-purchase method: Go to, fully complete an online entry, including your name, complete mailing address (P.O. Boxes not acceptable), telephone number, and birth date. Once your online entry is complete, hit the “Submit” button to submit an entry. In the United States and Canada, you may also call 1-866-296-5926 for alternative method of entry. (Basically you speak your name and other info.) Each entry via online form or telephone constitutes one (1) entry into the Promotion.


I'd love to sell it on ebay for 9,995 dollars


i would like it if i could actually use the gift card to buy a device


@okham: wait, you have a rubber suit? kinky...


I don't think I'd get much use out of such an iTunes gift card. Now an Apple store gift card... that's another story.


Of note, if you're entering with the "buy an app method" you need to buy the 25 billionth one. If you're using the form, you need to submit it after the (2510^12-1)th app but before the 2510^12th app is purchased, so.......good luck?


@pholvey: that's mathematically the same thing as purchasing the 25bilwhatever app, but people who try that method are fooling themselves if they think [cr]apple would award the $10k to someone submitting an entry via that form as opposed to buying an one of their [cr]apps...even if by some strange stroke of luck it actually went down that way.


Oh, the irony.

The sweepstakes entry form doesn't work on my Mac.

Well, at least not with Firefox. I can't see the captcha. Works with safari, luckily.