questionshow green are you?


meh. exterior lights are all CFL, and I yell at the kids for leaving their lights on. I recycle beverage containers because california pretty much forces you to with the 5c/10c CRV deposit. I use re-usable shopping bags at stores like winco, target and CVS that basically pay me to use my own bags, and I fill our blue recycling-waste garbage can with cardboard, glass, and plastics instead of putting them in the regular garbage can.
Basically if they pay me to do it, I am "green", as long as it's not an inconvenience. I never bought into that whole "diverting from the landfills" shpiel, there is enough landfill space to last the US population for several hundred years, at a minimum.


Extremely green. I only use the H2 Hummers to drive in, so their way better than the originals on gas mileage. Almost 12 mpg on the highway!!!! I also have my house hooked up to a generator for electricity. It doesn't run off that nasty gasoline either, no sir, I use coal. Good clean, safe for the environment coal. Also, about once a week, I go into the woods on my property, chop down a bunch of trees and have a huge bonfire. That way, all those little critters that live in the trees won't be around to release harmful methane in the form of flatulence. We also make it into a big event, so we pick all our friends up in this old broken down bus that occasionally leaks fuel to bring them to the house and back. That's called carpooling. Saves on fuel in most cases.

It's a hard life, trying to protect the earth, but someone's gotta do it.


Going on the usual three R's ...

Recycle ... yep. I even collect a lot stuff from work, since aren't any recycling bins.

Reuse ... often. Buying second hand is a norm here.

Reduce ... ummm, let me get back to you on that. I seem to buy a lot of cotton. ^_^


I think the name says it all ---------->


I keep my heat turned down a little more than is comfortable, and make sure I turn my lights out in rooms I'm not in. But, I do it because it's cheaper on my bills, not to be green.

I also recycle my cans/bottles back at the store, but that's to get my deposit back. Not to be green.

I try to plan out my trips for shopping/errands to do the least driving. But, that's because I want to use less gas, so I buy less gas.

If I do anything "green", it's mainly because it has some financial benefit for me and the "green" part is just a side effect.


Well, let's see:

I live in a solar envelope house
I drive a Prius
I have a wood pellet stove
I have a tankless water heater

That about sums it up.