questionswhat is a 404 geek error?


@npatel14: It was probably a duplicate deal. Read the What Is Deals.Woot? link at the top of the page and these unofficial FAQs.

That should help. Welcome to Deals Woot.


It's when a 404 Error 404's.

Serious answer: I'm not sure, but the Unofficial FAQ should help. There's a button you can add to your toolbar around here somewhere that makes adding deals easy. Woot will usually try to tell you if what you're posting is a dupe, but it's not perfect. Especially with deal of the day sites. If its a dupe or its not allowed, it'll get deleted.


@tbgolladay has it right. Apparently the duplicate listing query isn't blatant enough, because there are a lot of posts that ignored the "deja vu" feature at the time of listing. Welcome to DW! :)


@tbgolladay: I only found your post today and just want to express my appreciation for taking the time documenting it all.
I am a merchant and found some aspects on the site and how it works not 100% clear / vague to truly understand or get my head around. (A bit of learn through your mistakes). If I have read this when I first joined, I certainly would have picked up what to do and not to do, much easier.

Your post is well constructed and easy to follow. I am not sure it would be possible, but can new members not get this as a standard in an email. It may help stop some of the things new members find confusing. (I know I speak for myself, but I am sure there will be more that can benefit from your document).
Thank you again!