questionswhat is a good brand of tools?


This is a tricky question. Normally, on power tools, I tell people to buy DeWalt or Milwaukee.

For hand tools, you really can't go wrong with box wrenches, but you might want something with a good warranty, like Craftsman (quality has declined over the last 20 years) or Kobalt. I feel this also applies to things like pliers and socket wrenches.

For things like drill bits, you can't rely on any one brand. All of them have garbage stuff in lower price ranges. Skill is practically disposable, as is Black and Decker. Even the entry level DeWalt bits are low quality and will break under normal use. You really have to do your research before buying drill bits and driver bits. Manufacturers like to use words like titanium and platinum to describe the quality, but the reviews tell all. I use my Amazon app when in the store to check reviews before buying bits.

By the way, if you're looking for decent driver bits (phillips, etc) the impact driver bits are better quality.


I bought some expensive drill bits and have broken all the ones less than 3/16". Seems no matter how expensive the bits, they still break easily. It has more to do with how I use them than the actual product. If you don't drill exactly straight, the smaller bits can break.

I now buy the cheapest ones I can find which happens to be the ones at harbor freight. They come in multi-packs so when I break one, I have immediate replacements.

Here's a link to a $1.99 pack of seven 1/16" titanium nitride bits from Harbor Freight. They have other sizes available too so this is just an example:

Hopefully you have a local store nearby to avoid shipping charges. They also have 20% off coupons available in our Sunday paper, flyers, and other local junk mail.


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It hurts more when the expensive bits break... Proper use of the drill bits helps minimize the breakage... The driver bits do wear out, if he is going through a lot of #2 philips bits you can buy those in bulk.. The drill bits may also be purchased in bulk if there is one size he uses a lot, check out Amazon and search for "bulk drill bits"..
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It might be a good idea to find out what material he is drilling... Metal bits may also be used to drill wood & plastic but are not as good as a wood bit, wood and masonry bits are only good for the materials they are designed to drill into.. The packaging should show what materials the bits within were designed to be used on..
Lowes and HomeDepot usually have deals on the Drill & Driver sets, mostly under $20.00... I profess to being a Tool Addict and, more often than not, will purchase one or two of these sets when I find them on deep sale... When I need to fix or repair something I hate having to stop and go out to buy small stuff so that I can proceed...
As stated above, Dewalt and Milwaukee make excellent tools I have some of each...
Find out as much as you can about the materials he is drilling and ask for help if you can find someone working in the tool department at the above mentioned Big Box Stores..


You can always use impact phillips and flat head bits. They hold up better. As far as drill bits go, I'll echo what others have said. the small ones break easily no matter the brand. Just get a contractor pack at Harbor Freight.

For power tools, typical homeowners do not need top brands like dewalt. rockwell or porter cable brands will work just as well. Rockwell has lifetime battery replacement as well. I even have a few from harbor freight that have lasted a surprisingly long time.


Thank you all SOOO MUCH. We went to home depot the other day, he ended up buying Ryobi and Dewalt. Hopefully these will serve him well for a while. Everyone here was VERY helpful!! Thank you so much!!


@hobbitss: He was drilling into the brick on the outside of our home. We bought some new ones, hopefully they will work well :) Thanks!!


Oh btw Home Depot had some HUGE clearance items -- we got a few REALLY good deals (idk what the tools are and/or do) but they were discounted about 60-70%. They were on the end caps and scattered through the tool section.


@capguncowboy: dumb question I know, but what is the difference between a "drill" bit and a "driver" bit?


@eriley75: It's really not a dumb question. A drill bit makes holes. A driver bit drives screws.


@eriley75: Just got home..
Masonry drills are designed to be used with a hammer drill... A hammer drill hammers the drill bit as it turns.. Masonry bits have a hardened carbide point that breaks the masonry a little each time it strikes the masonry.. The rest of the drill shaft is designed to move the resulting stone dust out of the hole being drilled... If you are drilling vertically down you might have to blow the dust out of the hole with an air gun or a substitute...
Nice demo video, the commercial is short but loud...


Just to echo everybody elses' comments: drill bits will break, but will break more frequently if they are being used improperly (e.g. wood bits being used to drill bricks, forgetting to turn off the hammering action for your drill, etc).

I myself have a set of cheap drill bits that I use for normal household-type stuff, with the assorted specialty bits that I needed for that one job, that one time.


I like Ryobi due to it being a Home Depot Brand, and they have an excellent return policy... Its also sold at a competitive price!