questionsdoes anyone agree that amazon destroyed woot?


Nope, don't agree. Woot committed suicide. Too many redundant sites/deals added...even before Zon bought them.

Woot's fault. is a done deal. For whatever reason(s); woot, that wonderful original, fun site is gone.


No doubt the original Woot has moved on. There definitely isn't one deal one day. But there is good in the changes too. I just wish there were fewer categories of stuff to look through each day. It takes a lot longer to sift through the deals.


Those who SOLD OUT Woot! to Amazon are to blame, but buckets 'o' cash can be very persuasive.
I am also wondering, given the current 'abandon ship' scenario of the remaining Woot execs, if they had a nice golden parachute in their contracts.


For nostalgia:

Seems odd that just shy of two years from purchase there is a mass exodus.

You can see the coming of the end here:

Then again you can watch the unique traffic drop:


@zippy the pinhead: I'm happy for the execs who have that golden parachute, but what of the workers who have to keep tolerating the golden shower?


@xarous: Stoopid it's almost three years.

When did 2012 end and 2013 get here?

(I hadn't had coffee yet and it's been a bad day, sorry all.)


@xarous: Not odd when you realize that they reached the vesting date. They did their time and are being rewarded. And getting the heck out.


Amazon led to Woot's demise, but it is the Woot Owners who caused the death of Woot.

Never let Amazon take the fall when it was clearly Woot's decision.


@gmwhit: I don't recall seeing any extra sites/deals until after the amazon purchase. Also, based on the join date of your username, you didn't join until the deal was already closed for Amazon to buy woot (although probably didn't go through for another little bit).


Apparently you joined one day later? Maybe that was an intentional username change?

That said, you can still blame woot if you want. I guess they could have held strong till the end of time. Just wanted to make that note that I don't recall any of the unpleasant factors until after the deal was announced.


@countdown: "I don't recall seeing any extra sites/deals until after the amazon purchase." sellout's been around since 2007 (albeit with links from yahoo), and kids since 2009, and moofi was a couple of weeks before the announcement. perhaps @gmwhit is referring to these sites. (not to mention wine and shirt, but the main woot site seems to mostly avoid wine and shirts, so they're not so redundant.)

no1 no1

@countdown: I apologize. Don't think I explained enough. Or, quite frankly, don't know enough. Opened my mouth w/o thinking it through.

Maybe what I should have said was @snapster was here when many of the changes were implemented. Right or wrong, my thought was that @snapster WAS woot. He may well have been 'instructed' to start implementing changes. He stayed 2 years after Amazon purchased woot. My opinion - I think woot really went downhill very fast after @snapster left (about a year ago) and the Zon CEO came in.

If you implying that I was a user previously w/a different user name - you are dead wrong. This is my only name.

And, yes, upon further thought, I guess the purchase was the beginning of the end of woot. Sorry again. Quietly wanders off to eat crow. <----An old phrase that might tell you how old I am. ;-)


@countdown: I don't really blame Amazon, Woot had complete control of the company for quite some time.

In fact, Amazon had previously invested $4 million in to Woot in January 2008. In other words, Amazon and Woot were already talking about a potential merger.


@hackman2007: And of course didn't see the link posted above, dang I hate it when that happens. Sorry @xarous


@gmwhit: Yes, I'm being absurd and replying to myself.

Sitting here, gently tapping fingers on desk...waiting for someone to jump in and say their name is crow.

Couldn't help myself. Just trying to get some kind of humor back in here. Aren't we all so solemn? Angry? Disappointed? Not that those feelings aren't warranted; they are. It just seems so....well...grim now. The death throes of this site are depressing. Well, duh! And it helps sooooo much that I bring that up, doesn't it? /irony or stupidity, pick one or both. ;-)


what's more surprising is that people disagree. RIP woot.

poll: how long before we visit one day and are redirected to a lame attempt at woot / amazon goldbox integration served off the main ama-mother site?


YES! I joined January 14th, 2005. I have 245 woots, and I'm about done here. Not fun anymore.


@gmwhit: they had wine, shirt, sellout, and kids before the Amazon buyout. That means, they had a total of 5 things on sale each day. I really wouldn't say that was when things got redundant. To me, the woot plus things was when things went overboard, and that was totally an amazon thing.


There are usually "Non-competition" clauses in these buyout contracts for former execs.. When these run out. Look out!
Woot has become Amazon-Lite. When it has served it's purpose, it will be swatted like a pesky insect. Big corporations do not nurture nor embrace an entrepreneurial employee.
It was a good run but we are experiencing a paradigm shift.
The new retail model will be huge strategically placed remote distribution centers with many local warehouses for fast delivery now that the pesky "sales tax" situation has been dealt with.
The sad part is that the "Brick and Mortar" stores are on board with the internet sales tax because they think it will help them survive. The best they can hope for is being a corporate mail order and display "storelet" in a local mall stacked with a small amount of "returned" open box items for sale and a row of ordering terminals. At worst they will only be remembered as a subject in a Norman Rockwell sketch.
Where do I sign up?


Woot finally died for me when the Random Crap disappeared. This site is just a mess of Amazon clearance items now. There's still the occasional good deal (usually community sourced stuff though) but what I miss the most is the sense of community from years past. The item discussion pages are ghost towns now. :-(