questionswould you be upset if your valentine didn't give…


I'm a guy so it's nothing new to me.
I hooked my GF up over this past weekend so I'm good.


NOPE! Don't care about silly corporations distorting the original meaning of holidays. I just want my baby here with me. :) With that said, I ordered her flowers and 2 lbs of chocolate. haha! Thanks woot!


My wife and I, every year, say we're not doing anything for V-Day, since it's not a "real" holiday. But, each year I do something. But, she doesn't. I never mind, since I'm the one breaking the deal. But, this year I'm really doing nothing... so we'll see how she feels when I actually participate in not participating :-)


@kmeltzer: I think if you don't do anything this year, she won't "do" anything later on. Good luck though.


I'd be fine with my boyfriend not getting me anything tomorrow, because I'm "forcing" him to watch The Notebook with me. :)

Little does he know he's getting Spaghetti Bread and a massive Hershey Kiss made out of Rice Krispies Treats out of the deal.


I'd be happy money wasn't wasted


After twenty six years of getting nothin'? Nah. I guess I finally came to accept that it's really not a big deal.

After all, I'd rather have a way cool 32gb touchpad refurb just because than a dozen long stemmed red roses that wouldn't last any time at all.


I'd be a little upset, mainly because it's also our anniversary.

Yep, we're THOSE people.


I'd be pretty put out if he forgot or neglected to get me anything this year, but... He braved the lines tonight at the bakery that made our wedding cake to get me cupcakes. We've bought a house, a new couch, and a few other pricey items this year, plus we're expecting in June. So, I told him I wanted cupcakes, and cupcakes I have, a day early to boot.

Even on a non-heavy spending year Valentine's isn't the be all, end all for us. Birthdays and other, more personal occasions are what we save the impressive gifting for.