questionswhich laptop brand has the best customer support?


I've dealt with Dell and with Apple.

Dell is absolutely terrible. They follow a script regardless of what you say. Even if you get a person right away, it will likely be at least a half hour before you even begin to address your problem. On my old laptop, I had chronic motherboard failure. The motherboard fried four times. It wasn't really their fault per se, it was just bad hardware. The first time I got lucky. I was out of warranty but I guess they had this call a number of times, because after relatively little effort, they sent someone to fix it. Each other time was a fight.

After failure number four I demanded either a refund or new computer. I got the latter, but I had to argue tooth and nail with them hours a day for a week straight.

Apple has been pretty good to me so far, if it's on your radar. They listen far better than Dell and usually manage to provide a solution pretty quickly.



For instance, my trackpad has recently randomly stopped responding at times. It's only for short bursts, as little as a couple seconds, as long as a minute and a half. I've talked to them twice and they've walked me through a couple keyboard commands that reset the hardware and so on. If it comes back I have a case number and can take it to an Apple Store.

Which is really the same service you could get from any other manufacturer (perhaps sending it in, since they don't have retail outlets) but it's nice to not have to fight for it.

To compare: call with Dell - at least half an hour; call with Apple - 5 to 10 minutes (for similar issues, not mobo v trackpad)

Maybe I'm just a little biased against Dell because of how much they jerked me around with that laptop, but I hope you find this info useful. I don't have much experience with HP or Sony or others, but I've heard negative things about Sony and decent things about Asus, though I can't recall any specifics.


@thedogma is correct. Dell service is bad. Looking at the below article, they seem to have gotten better, though.
Looky here: Best & Worst Laptop Brands 2012: Overall Scorecard

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That's really interesting... I guess the line of Dells was defective or something :/
I found this ranking for all of the brands:

I'm glad you told me, because I was thinking of getting a Dell and it sounds like their service was horrible. How long ago was the Dell incident, if you don't mind me asking?

And I am trying to keep my price at around $500 or $600 with a two year warranty. I'm not really a fan of Macs... I had to use them at my university's programming computer lab and I was't really impressed with them. I feel like they cost too much for their specs.

Additional question:
What is a better processor and why? AMD or Intel? Like I said earlier, I am running an AMD Turion 2GHz processor. The laptop I am using is my first so I have not been able to test the difference between AMD and Intel myself.


@j5: Beat me to the link haha :D


@hirshy: I bought the defective computer in 2007 or 8. It was definitely a defective line. I researched and hundreds of people were having the same issue. A roommate in college of mine had an Apple that had the same motherboard and his failed too. There was actually a class-action over it.

Despite that though, Dell handled the situation in the absolute wrong way. Perhaps they have improved in the last few years (I got my replacement computer in 2009) but the experience was poor enough that I will likely not buy from them again.

That's completely fair with respect to Macs, if its not your thing, it's not your thing. With respect to a processor, it's really all about what you need. I'd suggest a dual core 2.5GHz minimum, but if you're going to use the laptop for gaming or artsy stuff like Photoshop, more power couldn't hurt. Between AMD and Intel, my preference is with Intel


I love my Lenovo Thinkpads, and they are very well built, but I've heard their customer service is terrible.

But in 6 years of owning 2 of their laptops (and the first was a 2004 model I bought used) I've never had a failure.


As a PC user for over 2 decades now ... Apple.

As for Dell ... my experience actually has actually been decent, though I've only dealt with the business side of them. Home division, I've heard the horror stories.


@samstag: I love my Lenovo IdeaPad Z570 I picked it up last Christmas for around $425 and have had zero problems with it. I have no idea about the customer service because I've never needed it.


From my experience, business-class laptops tend to have better support. For example, you get different support numbers for Thinkpad versus Ideapad. And I'm pretty sure the same thing goes with Dell.

I have been fairly happy with the Thinkpad support I have received.


@thedogma: As far as AMD vs. Intel, AMD will give you the best value, while Intel will give you the highest performance. For the majority of computing done these days, performance is moot. Especially on a laptop. So go for the one that fits your budget best.

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Not Asus. The only company I have had a problem with so far.


My computer guy recommended Toshiba Laptops when I asked about a good one (after my brother had issues with his HP). Then, both a friend of his, and his friends computer guy also recommended Toshiba. They must be pretty good.

I do know my dad had an old Toshiba for a long time, I think it was finally dropped one too many times and that's what finally killed it.


I've never had issues with any of my HP computers that I couldn't solve myself or weren't just total failures (happened once on a laptop that lasted a good four or five years).

@hirshy As for AMD versus Intel, AMD beats Intel in the dollar-for-performance category across pretty much all of their processors. I don't know about how AMDs fair for battery life versus the Intel chips. Where Intel really shines, though, is in high-performance applications like gaming, software development, and multimedia creation.

I would recommend the AMD A-series of "APUs" that have the Radeon graphics processors on the same chip as the CPU. It'll provide a good amount of performance for most anything from light gaming to watching high definition movies.


@samstag: I have an IBM Lenovo transition model, that sometimes gives me some issues but it is very old. I do know however that all the drivers, operating system and updates are online just in case I have to wipe and restore. I like that, so if I ever need it, it's there.


For customer service, i suggest Dell, Apple and Sony. You can check for more information.


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