questionswhat's up with the deals changes?


Since no one else is commenting, I'll give you my opinion. I voted against this question because I am tired of all of the complaining about what is or is not going on around here. Poor Woot. They're damned if they do and damned if they don't make changes.


Hadn't noticed the Whammies. I'm sure there's a cool reason behind them.
Someone be a peach and explain it to me please? I'm thinking it's a way to let people see what they've missed by not visiting often or by being slow on the draw? Am I close?


@magic cave: Thanks, I had not been back to that question since she added her comment. So I guess that's the answer: it's there because it's funny. That's borderline old school Woot!


@lavikinga: Just got the email from the @magic cave comment, and came over here to see what it was in response to.

Whammy! just contains the expired deals from Today and Yesterday (so that those people somehow deeply affected by being forced to look at expired deals on the front page will be safe from them. Those that are interested in whether or not something they saw was now dead can instantly see it in an informative and yet amusing place.

BTW, Whammy! has an exclamation point. Just saying.


@shrdlu: "BTW, Whammy! has an exclamation point. Just saying."

As well it should!


Rather than making a new question, I'm paging @josefresno @mattschuette or @faughtey (or any other member of staff working).

There are caching problems, and they're getting worse. Questions come and go, and it may or may not be related to the imbalance created by adding a "Top" tab to the deals side and not the questions side. I'll go watch the deals side for a while, and see if it's there also, but currently I only have data for AtC.

It's on my questions answered tab, the fresh tab, and the popular tab. The caching problem seems to cover only the last day. More data available if you're interested (or perhaps you already know about it). I sent in a tattle about this on some question or other an hour or so ago, but that may not have reached anyone.


Whammy! just equaled Wham! in my head, and now I've got "...wake me up before you go, go..." stuck in my head.
Thanks, guys. DOH!


@shrdlu: Yeah, I'm seeing it too. I've put in a report on it.


@shrdlu: I have sent two trouble tickets in the last hour. No reply yet!


@thunderthighs: It's actually more noticeable on the Deals side. It is almost certainly a 24 hour (or less) period that's the problem. The watermarks I see all suggest this.

I thought you didn't work weekends any more. Is it just nights you don't work? If I'd known you were here, I'd have paged you too (I hate to leave people out; it seems so rude).

Dang. Two responses at once. You guys are so quick. Heya, @faughtey. :-D


@shrdlu: I work days and one weekend a month (mod rotation). However, I have no life and check in on things periodically.


@thunderthighs: As we all know, it's anomalies that draw me. Nothing like a broken machine to make my head turn.

It's the geek thing; I can't help it.

You know, "Ohh, shiny! Squirrel!"


@shrdlu: Heya! :-D It should be fixed! I may have put the wrong severity level on the tickets, and caused a delay in response time. I'll do better next time.


@ceagee: You are welcome!
If anyone needs help in the evenings (Thursday - Sunday), please let me know.