questionsfive dollar shipping all day?


Wow! Didn't put two and two together on that till I read your question. If you purchased a lot of big-ticket items, like you suggested, you might even be able to capitalize on some resale money, since you'd essentially be cutting your overhead costs in half.


wouldn't the opposite be true?

If you purchase a lot of SMALL ticket items, then you only pay the $5 shipping and make better resale.


I was wondering about that. I guess if you buy something, you get charged the $5, and then when you buy a second item, there's no charge. Is that along the right idea?

If so, coupons could be really good. Free shipping and $5 off each additional item until you run out of codes.


Now I want a $5 footlong.


@thedogma: Reading helps! Just looked at the "learn more" under $5 shipping and that's basically how it works. Still don't know about the coupons. Anyone try multiple codes yet today?


@thedogma: I pinged our customer service folks about the coupons. I don't know yet either.


@pinchecat: How about "Did you know about $5 shipping all day?"


@inkycatz: No need. (I think) I did this same exact thing. I bought something from woot and sellout each using a coupon and combined shipping made it a fantastic deal.


@baronz: Good point! Time to start running up the credit card!!


i foresee a cancelling of combined shipping during woot-offs lol. with some of my woot off buying sprees, i can't see how they're making over margin with free shipping after my first 5.00