questionsanybody else "woot-for-tots" for charity items…


That's a great idea. I typically try to buy "crafty" gifts for kids overseas since I figure my hobbies might result in a trade skill if they can get materials. I'll mention this to my fellow co-worker-wooters as we're about to kick off our toy drive here.


I check woot-offs, Kohls, Toys R Us, and I love Black Friday (one of my local stores has BOGO on board games that are already on sale). One year I picked up about 10 kids jackets for about $35.


Great idea! I've donated some of the goodies I've received in a BOC to other organizations (which reminds me, I have stuff to donate piled up and taking up room that I'll need for my Woot-Off! items!), but hadn't thought of Toys for Tots shopping on Kids Woot. Thanks!


@belyndag: What you said. Thanks for the reminder, I've got some various stuff from my past few Barack Obama's Charities that I should unload this holiday season.


I have been doing it for years. But not just with Woot!. I start buying little things, from clothes on clearance to toys, after Christmas for charity and my daughters drill team. By now I have about 200 things to give out. 58 goes to team members and the rest go to a women and children shelter in Houston. I end up spending about $400 a year on both, but it is well worth it.