questionswhat sprint android phone should i get?


Forget droid (negative rating ensue), buy apple, phone, pad, and stock!


I was eligable for an upgrade this past December. Rather than drop 200 bucks on a new phone (I was looking at the Galaxy S2) I decided to keep my Epic 4G. It's still almost as good as anything out there plus it's a slider.


@allhighruler: Yeah if you read the question you'd have seen right now I just don't have an interest in going to an Apple phone, reasons being I've invested into the droid architecture (read: apps), it would be foolish to buy a new iPhone with a new design on the way, and I also don't like how Apple does things. But thanks for making it clear you don't like reading things.


@hottubrf: sooo... I guess, how does that answer my question? I must have missed something in reading that...


Get the Evo LTE. Just as good of hardware as the HTC One X line.. it should last just as long as the original Evo itself.. I'm still using my Evo!


@figgers3036: Oh no, I read your comment. I just don't like androids. They're buggy, cr*ppy phones. I mean, I love the workman ship of the iPhone 4s. That glass body just makes it feel expensive. That antennae that makes it feel like a heavy duty phone. If your worried about apps, I mean, common. What's spending an extra $50 to get them all on the iPhone app store? I have spent more than $300 on apps (not including music). I would much prefer the iPhone. And to all you people who down vote comments that support apple, get a life. The voting is for the review and how the person expresses themselves. If you have a problem with it, LEAVE A COMMENT.


@allhighruler: I'm already spending $200 on a phone, I don't really want to spend more on top of that for the Apple premium, especially considering a new one is slated to be out at the end of the summer anyway. It would be a wildly foolish purchase, and it's obvious you came just to bomb the question, not to actually answer it. That's kind of rude when I was actually looking for advice on an Android phone.


@druke: Yeah same with my old 4g Evo. This is the direction I was leaning but I was wondering what everyone else was thinking too. Thanks for the advice!


@figgers3036: They still offer the Epic 4G at a good price.


@figgers3036: Fine, the only phone that I can bear to recommend thats not apple is (uhhhgggg) The samsung Galaxy S III