questionswould you like to come to greenville, sc and rent…


Electric jetpacks you can use for $1 per day and charge for $10? That's pretty implausible. I doubt an electric pack small enough to be carried can produce enough power to fly the wearer more than a few yards.


Smart money is on this being an attempt to generate a viral campaign for Verizon's Jetpack hotspot. The website is owned by an ad agency that lists verizon as a customer too.


hey! thats where i live. although i haven't seen any billboards.


Yes. Why is this even a question?


@thedogma: Because there's no information on armament. If it's just a jetpack with no lasers or missiles I'm going to hold out for now.


@ndcouch: I haven't seen them either, but I think the News 4 article on this has some of the locations and a picture or two. I was just running some errands downtown but I didn't come across one - or I missed it if I did.


I live in the Greenville-Metro area. Someone's been working on some viral marketing, or April Fools' early.


I watched the video and saw bigfoot too!