questionsgreetings, earthlings! did you know that today…


I must have known that before but an alien stole my brain. They also probed me.


You do realize that world UFO day was yesterday? The website even says so. Today is compliment your mirror day, when you stand in front of your mirror, look directly at it and tell it how beautiful it is.


@captainsuperdawg: Oh my goodness. I lost an entire day!!! Is that one of the symptoms or their presence???
...the truth is out there...
Soooo..... Greetings, Earthlings! Did you know that yesterday was World UFO day?

(ps. I absolutely didn't realise it - I truly thought today was the 2nd until I read your post and checked)


Explains all the awesome UFO shows on NatGeo and SCI channels. But no, no I didn't know it was UFO day. Thank you.

Can we work on a UHF day?


I'm waiting for National UFO Day before I start celebrating.