questionswhen did woot drop the "one day, one deal" slogan?


I had not noticed but my guess would be it changed with the redesign. The day they launched the redesigned layout they also created woot plus which is more then one deal and runs for more then one day so I guess the old slogan no longer applied.


The last snapshot Wayback Machine has is July 22, 2011, but Woot was still using "One Day, One Deal" at that time. Adding Woot Plus deals, as @raider9924 suggested, was likely the tipping point where it became ridiculous to pretend that the slogan applied anymore.


Yeah, Moofi's not upside down anymore, either. Is no fun for me. :-(


They dropped it in the pool when they jumped the shark. :)


@gionot: aw, that makes me miss old Woot! a whoooole lot.


@raider9924: is correct.

They dropped it with the lastest redesign of the website, and took it one step further and rewrote what Woot was and it's purpose, and while people were left scratching their heads... they went and added this question to the FAQ "Isn't Woot all about "One Day, One Deal"?"


I'm guessing it was when they switched to the "One day, 243,451 items for sale (most aren't deals)..." slogan.


Yup, around the time they stopped being one day, one deal...

Off topic but at first I thought the redesign was OK and I'd get used to it...but now I just don't visit woot much..not purposely, it just happened. Too much to look at, maybe. Seems nitpicky, but I miss not having to hover anywhere to see whats on the other sites and if they are worth the old little sidebar squares.


Every change has been for the worse. Welcome to the new website though! That's how this place looks now. It's sad.

Worst part is, 1saleaday is starting to look like better deals than Woot.

Is this the end?


When the format moved to "One day, 28 Items for Sale, No Deals, Everyone's Here For the BOC"


@capguncowboy: Nah, its still one day one deal. The trick is finding the one deal though all the other "offerings".