questionsis gamefly worth it? has it improved?


If you learn how to work your queue, it's toally worth the money.

sign up for the one at a time service
watch for releases you care about
limit your cue to one game at a time
make sure you have no games out if you're trying to get a new release

This is a pretty good way to get the games you want when you want them. I leave my fate up to the gods, have 2 games out at any time, and a queue that's chock full, cause i just don't care about playing the games on the first day.


I saw a big improvement in 2011 in turn around times and availability of recent releases. It was still terrible compared to Netflix, but as far as I know no other game rental service can beat it.

I'm not a member anymore as of last month, but I think it's worth giving a try for a month or two to see if you like it.


GameFly is definitely NOT worth the money unless you have 100 hours a week to devote to playing every single video game that comes out.

Just checking deals and getting the games that you want (after they drop in price) is ideal. I have at least 20 video games that are still sealed because I haven't gotten to them. But I bought them when they dropped in price so much that I couldn't resist.

The only exception is when I want a top-seller such as Call of Duty, Starcraft 2, or Diablo III. Those I am willing to pay (always with promos thanks to Amazon or Buy/Newegg). But every other game I buy I wait for it to drop more than half off before I decide to go for it.


I love Gamefly. Saves me a ton of money.
As mentioned, if you work your Q right it's amazing.

Just keep your list clear of games that are out if you want a game that is about to release. Keep that title #1 and make sure you have a blank spot to make sure you get the game.

I have been doing it for about 3 years now and have gotten all the big releases when they launch. MW3, Dead Island (still have those 2 at home), Driver, Dead Space 2, Black Ops, etc...
Best part is you can buy the games you have from them. The longer you keep it, the cheaper it gets. I only paid $32 for Black Ops a month after it dropped by keeping it and using my discounts and coupons.

If you game a lot and buy a lot of games, invest in Gamefly. It's worth it.


I used it twice, for about 6 months each time, once around 2008-2009, and again about a year after I cancelled. Both times, I ultimately cancelled because the shipping and turnaround was so slow. I would sometimes be without a game for over a week, waiting for them to ship me another, despite having a full queue. I think some people who live very close to their shipping centers sometimes have better experiences, but I cannot recommend them based on my experience.


I've tried GameFly but I am not satisfied about the lack of certain games. I don't understand how some of you get the newer games. For me, I could keep the game up on the list for months and not get it. I tried doing a small queue, but that caused them to not ship anything.

And the turnaround time for me was terrible as well. 3-4 business days typically each way. At the time, I lived in Springfield, MO.

If you are thinking about Blockbuster, they are even worse. I tried the free trial again and most of the games from my queue months ago are still not available.

We need a Netflix type service for games.


I am a gamefly addict. I wont ever go back to buying games from anywhere else unless it is a blockbuster I need on day 1.

I utilize the Q to my advantage so I get the games I want first. It is all in the timing of sending your games back slightly before the release date of a new game you really want.

I tell my friends who buys every game that it would save him money and allow him to rent games he wouldn't normally try out. Plus you get a discount on the game if you do like it, it ships free to your house, and they are always running deals. With 10% off and a 5 buck coupon every month they really are loading you down to buy games rather than sending them back.

tl;dr? Gamefly is awesome and I hated them at one point.