questionshave you seen the $55,000 swag bags oscar 'losers…


Koloa Landing Resort five-night Hawaii stay. Value: $2,000.
"Loaded: The Story of a Ghost" graphic novel. Value: $49.95.
Aviv 613 Vodka. Value: $30.
Imanta resort stay in Ocean Casa. Value: $3,300.
Makeup Studio products by Diane Capt. Value: $105.
Simon's Happy Pet Shampoo. Value: $15.
Bee Free Honee. Value: $39.
Betty Jane Homemade Candies. Value: $69.75.
Cannonball Wine. Value: $75.
The Green Garmento garment bags. Value: $23.
Jitseu leather handbags. Value: $279.
Cherryt Knit & Co. winter accessories. Value: $158.
Vetvik luxury leather case. Value: $230.
Mane 'N Tail hair-care products. Value: $95.35.


Mace Brand pepper spray. Value: $120.
Rocky Mountaineer train travel package through Western Canada. Value: $4,078.
Acure skincare products. Value: $300.
Epic Pet Heath electrolyte therapy. Value: $1,571.98.
Adept Armor fabric waterproofing solution. Value: $26.99.
Wrap Wrap luxury fabric wrap. Value: $15.
Walk Japan tour package. Value: $15,000.
"Best of Las Vegas" travel package. Value: $9,000.

There's a bag of crap I'd stay up all night watching Facebook for. I really like it that the dog food promotion is a donation to a shelter.


I remember hearing a few years ago that they had to pay taxes on the swag bags.


@minkeygirl7: i would expect that they wouldn't have to pay on the pet food that's going to charity. With the travel it depends on how the packages were built, usually when you buy or win a travel package the taxes are included. But there may be special rules for this type of gift. HR Block could include a gift certificate for the cost of the taxes, LOL. I'd imagine they could auction them off for quite a bit. I was thinking the promo that the travel places get is that you might be staying in the hotel or on the train with your favorite actor if you are lucky.


The Oscar goody bags have always been seen as a way to get "your" product some media time with a star. IIRC, Paris Hilton used to get $15k just to show up at a club or restaurant for a few minutes, lending all her [cough] Famous Person cache to the place.


@moondrake: I don't know how it gets taxed but I just remember hearing a few years ago about it so some were refusing the swag bags.


@minkeygirl7: Yeah, I bet they hate to get $55K free and then have to pay taxes on it. That would really cut into the $6 million they got for that film


@moondrake: Oscar host, Ellen Degeneres, is a co-owner of Halo dog food. 10,000 meals/per bag is a nice gesture.


@minkeygirl7: Lucky for the wealthy Super Celebs they won't have to pay taxes on it. If it were a prize then yes. But a gift, not at all. Unless it was a prize for them being famous...


I remember this being a HUGE deal a few years back when the PS3 was released..

It was during the time people were mobbing eachother trying to get one and they were selling for $1,500~ on Craigslist.

Apparently Sony decided to give hundreds (/thousands?) of PS3's away to random, non-gamer celeb's who had absolutely no interest in them.
They actually interviewed some of them on the red carpet and probably 1/4 of them didn't even know what it was haha.. A few were super-stoked to get it though.


Worth it for the shelter donation alone.

Ok, maybe the maple syrup too :]


Ok, I'll be THAT guy. Why is this not "chat"? What does this have to do with finding deals?

I honestly don't care, but you know, for consistency and such.


Slow Watches. Value: $290

why would you want a slow watch? i like my watch to keep normal time, thank you very much mr/mrs/miss fancy-pants oscar awards nominee/goer/seat-filler.

Rouge Maple organic maple syrup. Value: $250

they better be getting a whole lot of maple syrup for 250 buck.


If I was the Oscars I would sell the bags for $8. Tax issue resolved.
Do not tax the rich people, they will get mad and take their money and .... stop earning it?


How can I score one of these? I could really use the Hydroxycut gummies, protein bars and protein shakes.


@justagigilo85: Yay, another maple syrup fan. I am an addict. You may want to check this out:

@carl669: Not as much as you would think. Grade B real maple syrup is generally about $1 an ounce. This particular brand runs over $3 an ounce, it costs $50 CAD plus shipping per 16oz bottle. $250 doesn't go far.

@studerc: As I've said in other threads, it's completely arbitrary. They just haven't gotten around to exiling me yet. Or maybe they feel like people are using this list of stuff to look up the these items, like I just did for Rouge maple syrup.


You know what's been prickling in my mind all weekend? The disparity between the value of these items. I mean, can just anybody put something in if they want to? Could I give them a piece of jewelry for each bag and then get my name on this list, duplicated all over the web? And maybe even see my necklace around the neck of Sandra Bullock, Meryl Streep, Amy Adams, Cate Blanchett....Judi Dench?! Where do I sign up!


Well the solution here is obvious, isn't it? If you want one so badly, go become an Oscar nominated actress.

Instead of concentrating on this disparity, go make something of yourself and work hard instead of complaining about what you don't have. Envy isn't very becoming.


@figgers3036: Um....did you even read my post? I don't know what disparity you are talking about, but the disparity I was talking about was between a $15 Wrap Wrap luxury fabric wrap and a $15,000 Walk Japan tour package. I was wondering how those $15 items got in there, and if I could promote my own cottage business by contributing jewelry to next year's Oscar gift bags and maybe even get to see my handiwork adorning some famous actress as the result. I wasn't complaining, I was daydreaming about Cate Blanchett wearing an exclusive Falcon Fantasyworks design.