questionstempurpedic or sleep number bed?


We had the sleep number, paid around $1800 for it. We returned it 4 days afgter getting it. I woke up one morning with no feeling in my legs, I thought I was paralyzed. Plus my unit could not give you true settings. If you wanted to be a 58 number you could only do 55 or 60.


I spent 3 nights in a hotel room that had a Sleep number bed. When I first laid down I spent about 15 minutes trying out different settings. Once I found one I liked I left it there for the rest of my stay.

I assume my experience is fairly typical and most people aren't constantly adjusting the firmness. Which makes me wonder why it wouldn't be simpler for someone to just buy a regular mattress in a firmness of their choosing.


Tempur Pedic all the way. I have back issues and I switched two years ago. Haven't looked back since.


If you are particularly tall, or heavy, or a combination of both, then the sleep number bed is basically useless. My brother had one in his guest room that I slept on a few times. I had the same problems he did which is why it was dumped to the guest room: being over 6 foot tall, and over 270 meant either the bed was under inflated, or so overinflated that it was like sleeping on a rounded balloon. If you're part of the 5'2" to 5'9" below 180 Lbs crowd, the sleep number bed is not bad. but, its pretty useless IMHO, and extremely overpriced for what you end up with: an air mattress.


tempur-pedic. There are so many levels of firmness to choose from, and they have a policy where they'll replace it with a different model (you pay the difference of course) if you pick the wrong firmness. The comfort is hard to describe, but it's amazing. Try one in a store, and you'll see.

Plus, if you have young kids, it's no fun to jump on, since it doesn't "spring". No thousand $ plus trampoline for them.

If you buy one, just make certain to cover it with a nice waterproof cover. They do make you feel a little warmer than a regular mattress (about 7 degrees) - and we all perspire a little, all the time. That moisture can degrade any mattress over time.

More money, but worth it. I ended up paying money for physical therapy before I bought my new tempur-pedic.


IMHO, both are over-hyped. Sleep number = air mattress encased in foam. Tempur-pedic = foam mattress with memory foam top. Reviews on epinions points both of them having longer term durability issues.

I would recommend a basic mattress (but not the absolutely cheapest either) + a memory foam topper from to be a much better value. My current setup is a $280 Ikea + $60 topper; I've been very comfortable for the past 3+ years.


Only place I've tried one was a hotel as well and it was the worst hotel bed I've slept on and that's saying something. It moved constantly and could never get properly firm. I'm sure part of that was it being the crappy hotel version, but it wasn't a good endorsement. As far as the inflatable mattress comparison, that seems more like an insult to inflatable mattresses.


My grandpa has a sleep number bed in his guest room and I absolutely hate it. I usually end up sleeping on the couch when I stay there. My mom and aunt say the same thing too.


@narfcake: We do the same thing. Our regular bed was probably in the $600 range. My arthritis is getting worse and I would wake up with hip pain every day. We added the memory foam topper (ours was an Amazon lightning deal, though) and the pain is gone. I sink into bed each night with a prayer of thanks, knowing I won't wake up in pain. Only thing about memory foam - you have to watch what you buy. They usually aren't all memory foam, so pay attention - some 1.5" toppers are 1" foam and .5" memory foam. Ours is 4" from Serta (2" of memory foam). Definitely read before you buy!



Tempurpedic is no longer a unique offering; memory foam is not a luxury. At this point, like BOSE, is just marketing. Same for Sleep Number, for other reasons that others have already talked about.

Tempurpedic is also toxic, made from petroleum. It's also incredibly hot in the summer (it's made to trap heat in order to soften and change shape), basically.

A much better alternative is natural latex. There are multiple brands out there and there are reasons why many Europeans and Asians would only sleep on latex other than anything else. It's a little cheaper than Tempurpedic as well, and much much better. I personally sleep on an organic natural Englander mattress, bought from a local mattress shop that let me try out almost 30 of them.


@lll0228: Not disputing anything else you've written, but I feel the need to point out Tempur pedic as a brand isn't all hype. In fact, I went to a mattress store and tried, literally, every single memory foam mattress they had. Nothing compared. I found out later that this is because Tempurpedic never patented the technology. It's a trade secret and nobody's been able to crack it.

Re: your latex bed suggestions: Is it comfortable for people with back issues?


@kerowyn: Many mattress stores that sell Tempurpedic have specific agreements when it comes to competing products. Just like Bose and Monster Cable, which have restrictions on how their products are sold. It's marketing.

And it's not that nobody is able to crack any sort of formula, but just like cola vs. Coca Cola, it can't be the exact same unless you want to face lawsuits.

Latex - yes, it's comfortable, and the added plus is that it's natural instead of petrochemicals. They tend to cost more, however, but with the profit premium built into the mattress industry, you can probably find ones that cost a lot less than the majorly marketed brands.

@arevan: It's probably in the guest room because it was so uncomfortable!


I am on my second Tempurpedic, queen size first, then we went for the king size.I have arthritis, and problem sleeping at night. This bed has been a blessing on so many levels. My husband loves it! As far as it being hot, holding heat, I have never been uncomfortable from being too warm. It's a great bed and would recommend it to anyone!