questionsso, anyone think netflix's server are going to…


Good TV/Cable series but I don't watch Netflix so I will just have to miss it.


@mybestuser1: You can sign up for a free month of netflix. That's what I just did.

I considered staying up all night for a marathon viewing of the whole series, but I think I'll pop a couple of Bluthex and get some rest so I can watch it 3 or 4 times in a row tomorrow.


Not sure what happened, but I did notice (to my delight!) that they aired episodes all episodes at midnight on Sunday morning. Does anyone know if they staggered the release times by time zone, in order to avoid server crashes? Seems likely to me, although I somewhat expected them not to release all of the episodes right at midnight my time (PST).


@dows: I'm pretty sure they released them all at 12:00am Pacific. I didn't see any show up until 2:00am Central.