questionshow many of these star wars figures did you have?


@vinithehat: They are the exact ones I have!! :)

Seriously though, I know the DH had a bunch of different figures, still in boxes, packed away in the closet. I think he gave them to his nephew though, should have looked up the values first.


I had too many to count. But I was never a keep-it-in-the-box kind of kid, I loved to play action figures or set them up all over my room or outside and shoot them down with rubber bands.

My cousin on the other hand never opened up his action figures. He had a whole boat load of the Mego action figures, but he kept them in the box. Drove me crazy when I would go visit him because I wanted to play with the dang things...


That is a fantastic collection... I wonder how much it would have cost to compile...


None. Unfortunately I was past my toy collecting phase when SW came out. :(


I'm not convinced he has 1,950 unique figures. I am 99% sure I see two Princess Leia (in slave girl outfit) in the pictures.


I didn't have any. Now G.I. Joe's on the other hand.....


I was always curious about one of the really old Darth Vader figurines in the auction with the cape that rise up behind his head. Had the designers actually seen the movie, it looks bizarre. I've heard some of the first ones go for over 5k alone, but I don't know if its the one in the auction.


I was curious about the non-profit, I'm not sure what to make of it... Here's a excerpt from their website:

Collection owner and author Steve Sansweet, who has written 16 Star Wars books, will guide a tour tailored specifically for your group. Tours can last anywhere from 1-3 hours, depending upon participants' interest levels.

Even those with just a casual interest in Star Wars will appreciate the outstanding quality of the visuals and immersive environments, along with the stories Steve spins. Then they'll have a chance to challenge their skills in the Star Wars Arcade, where fans of all ages can play vintage video games and pinball machines--all set on free-play!

Tours start at $200 for 2 people. Up to 13 additional guests can be added for $45 each. To discuss pricing on tours for more than 15 people, please email Tours are also available to donors at the Knight Membership Level. Please read Rancho Obi-Wan's Policies & FAQ.


@belowi: It was the same cape as Obi-Wan, just black. Cheaper to make, you know.
I had OW and DV with the light sabers that slid out from their arms. Good times.

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