questions9x - 7i > 3 ( 3x - 7u ), solve for i?


I know this!

It's 0, 1 or infinity, right?

At least, that's the three answers I used on all my calculus tests in college.

...never did finish college... =(


@sykotek: That's unfortunate. This is not a college question at all, and it's not calculus, just an inequality.

Besides the fact this is kind of cute...I'd like to point out that just about any 10 year-old in Asia can solve this in less than 20 seconds.

I am a little sad that people voted that answer up, instead of the right one. sigh


@lll0228: actually he only has 1 vote, he voted his own answer up once. it's automatic when you make a purchase on any woot site that is not deals.woot.

my geeky better half better chip in for some cruelty-free diamonds ;)


@lll0228: Wow, thanks for taking my harmless rib at myself and turning it into a societal statement about how sad life is for those of us who forgot how to solve an equation. I know that wasn't calculus and I know I wasn't providing the right answers for the question. Ever consider the fact that math beyond simple arithmetic is very much use it or lose it? Yea, I don't really care what other people are gonna say about this, I'm taking it personally, suck it, elitist math douche.


@sykotek: well NOW someone else voted for your comment. you have 2 votes.


@iggz: That's unfortunately physically impossible. :)


@sykotek: Sorry, I do sometimes have sense of humor malfunction.

I apologize.


@lll0228: Perhaps you are really a bot like me.

I sometimes malfunction. And my humor program fails most of the time.


I doubt even 50% of 18 year olds in Asia would be able to solve this in a short amount of time. There would likely be no significant difference between the percentage of American 10 year olds and Asian 10 year olds who could solve this inequality in 20 seconds.

Way to be a racist, though.


@stark: well, the OP is asian. i infer from seeing his bio pics on his several websites and noticing his obvious and not-racist-of-me-to-notice facial features


Ummm, I got i>3u...when does the greater than become a less than? Just purely out of curiosity since this type of math is not necessary in my day to day life, I have no use for arguing societal and global issues with imaginary people on the internet, and I am in no way Asian. I am however easily mistaken for that Powder guy (obscure reference) but without all the lightning. I digress, where does the sign flip? Is it when we remove the negative by dividing by -7? Thanks to the high school math teacher who will eventually answer this.


@jgrz0610: When you multiply or divide a negative inequality by -1 to set everything to positive, you have to flip the > to a <


i is the sqrt(-1), obviously!


I'm sure lots of Asians could figure this out. And people should know how to do inequalities.


@stark: Well, in order to be a "racist", I have to make comments or have prejudice against a race. Now, which race was I prejudiced against? I can assure you that I am not. "American" is not a race, and if I were to prejudice against this "race", I would be prejudicing against myself.

Don't have a knee-jerk action here; I was lamenting the fact that our education system is failing here, and I am worried about the future of our country. It is my life's work and passion in education, and education is the fundamental building block of a country's future. I am seeing our students' standard declining against other countries/regions, it is a known fact. And I happen to know as a fact that inequalities is taught at 4th grade in China, Japan and India; while some of my college students cannot do it.

It's easily to just say "racist" then throw up the hands and ignore a more complicated problem. I just want to solve this more complicated problem without calling it anything less important.


@bobmctooth: lol, but I believe the "i" to which you refer has a little tail on it. My math teacher told me I would use imaginary numbers in my life, but so far they have only been useful in understanding how my cable company calculates my bill...imaginary numbers, bleck.


Cable bills. :) LoL

Complex numbers do have a lot of use in life.

You are typing on a computer, made up of semiconductor chips. These chips run on transistors which could be developed because of quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics solutions often involve the idea of complex numbers.

A lot of things being voted on Woot, the TVs, the sound systems, the iPhone/iPad, Android, all have signal processing going on inside. It also involves complex numbers. Cellphones and more.


Haha the moderators edited Iggz' comment. The truth has been adjusted. Still, "stick in the mud" works for me.


@czarkingkaiser: Either way is fine. I apologized already, unreservedly.

It's hard to read people's tone with typed words sometimes.


That is not the only criteria for being racist. Lauding a particular race's math skills is also racist, if not particularly offensive.

Anyway, the racism isn't the important part of how stupid your comment was. It's just full of logical holes, no doubt a byproduct of your American education. I don't doubt that there are fourth grade classrooms in America that teach inequalities. But what's that you say? Not all of them do? Well, I'm simply astounded by your firsthand(presumably, since you know it as a fact) knowledge of the curriculum of every school in China, India, and Japan. Working in education as you do, I'm sure you are not oblivious to the fact that those three countries make up perhaps half the landmass of Asia. I guess the rest of Asia is probably as good at math as them? It might also be prudent to note that not all 10 year olds are fourth graders in China. In fact, a lot of them aren't. India is even worse.


@stark: I am sorry you somehow mistakenly found that it was a "racist" comment. It's unfortunate that you have a skewed version of race.

I was accurate in my specificity. I was discussing the difference in curriculum of different countries/regions and noted the dropping standard in ours. Factual comparison between countries/regions is not "racist"; otherwise, any travel agent would be "racist" since they, by their jobs, have to discuss the differences between countries/destinations. Are they "city-ist"?

Our standard in math and science IS dropping. Our standard of education IS dropping compared to, yes, even China and India. Seriously, too, is would you like to compare the mostly fortunate children in this country to the less encompassing ones in those two examples? Do you want this country to have a future that can be competitive with them? I do. And in order to fix the problem, first you need to identify and acknowledge the problem, instead of stick the head in the ground.


I never questioned your assertion that our Education system is awful and falling hard. I questioned your assumption that because some countries in Asia have more advanced curricula in math, the majority of Asian children are able to solve inequalities in a short amount of time. I pointed out the children in Cambodia do not go to school in Japan, and that children in China who cannot do inequalities in fourth grade do not continue schooling. It is evident by your poor reading comprehension and deductive reasoning skills that our education system does need to be improved, but there might be better methods than abandoning those who cannot keep up, and by omitting the American South from our national test scores.

Your ridiculous defense of your racism is noted. It would be simple to explain(again) how your assumption that Japan represents all of Asia is racist, but instead I'll just say that I didn't accuse you of being an evil KKK member; you were only being a little ignorant and rude.


@stark: This is getting a little ridiculous and you are putting your words in my mouth at this point; which is a good representation of your character.

Our math skills is about 30th in the world. I don't know where you found that I said Japan represented all of Asia, that's pretty absurd. I am Asian by ethnicity, so how I can be a racist against Asian is mind-boggling. Stating facts is not any-ism, only if you take it personally and extract race out of everything by some tangential and irrelevant logic. Worse, you made up false accusations, that is not gentlemanly manner. If you have never been at the receiving end of the gun barrel of a KKK member (I have), don't tell me about racism, you know nothing about it.

I have had quite enough of your jab, and I have already apologized for not noting your humor in your response. I meant that sincerely and if that is not enough, and somehow that would entitle you to make false and demeaning personal attack against me, so be it.


@lll0228: do you have a tiny willy?

And I call BS on the KKK bit.