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FL Studio & Ableton Live, using a launchpad of your choice.

Basically the same setup as Madeon, good functionality, easy to use, and not too expensive.


Sibelius. Great for percussion and full ensemble


@mkentosh: I've heard of Sibelius... time to see if they have a demo I can download and fiddle with.


Pro Tools, though it's expensive. There's a demo version of PT10 you can try.

Been using it for years, love it. I can move around it very smoothly. I find the midi editor to be quite easy to use, esp since I don't have a midi background. Comes with some nice virtual instruments, effects and I think 8GB of loops.

I've also used Adobe Audition (v1.5) which is good for basic editing. Pro Tools is much more advanced and great for composing, IMHO.

Which is why I bought: :)

If you have any other specific questions, I'll try to answer 'em.


@brandie346: Thanks for the info, downloading a demo version, and seeing if its anything I can deal with.