questionswho else thinks this is a bit quirky?


I thought it would be a joke, like the Think Geek gag products.


If my butt could fit on that it would so be mine.


Now I'm envisioning toilet-mounted iPad mounts and toilet-mounted work surfaces. Throw in a toilet-mounted microwave and toilet-mounted minifridge, and I'd never leave the bathroom!


I think that's a bit more than quirky. But, you know, most kids want to emulate mom and dad....


Here's where my age begins to show. I just read an Amazon review by a guy who bought a Nexus 7 tablet because his 18 month old child needed to be entertained while being fed. And there is evidently a market for iPad potty training systems.

Has no one in the current generation of young parents ever considered talking to their children while feeding them? Or of helping youngsters learn to be self-entertaining?

While sitting in a pharmacy waiting room a few weeks ago I watched a mom, dad, and an age-four-ish child play with their phones. (When did four year olds get their own phones?) For the 10 minutes I watched, none of them so much as looked at each other; they were totally tuned in to their phones. I felt sad, remembering similar times with my own son in which we actually talked to each other about whatever was running through his active little brain. Sometimes I read to him from whatever book he'd chosen to bring along.


HEY! You kids get off my lawn!


@magic cave: i feel the same way. one of my biggest pet peeves is when i go out for dinner with family or friends and, while waiting for the food, everyone just turns to their phones (sometimes even iPads! why do people bring them to restaurants?) instead of having a nice conversation. a lot of people share the delusion of multitasking and don't see the value in focusing on things one at a time.


This reminds me of Idiocracy.