questionswould you use a stand up desk w/treadmill?


Ummmm No, I wouldn't use it. Instead I get up walk around, go do yardwork, etc. To me, being on the computer is a relaxing past time. ...Or, maybe I just don't want to multi-task. Might be good for others, though.


@gmwhit: I think that is the idea, to get up and walk. Like yourself those who have time to walk may not like this idea.


Hell. No.
I'd bust my face whilst trying to multitask.


@gmwhit: I think you're missing the point. This isn't intended to be used for relaxed evening browsing, but rather for folks (like me) who sit at a desk for 40+ hours a week. Being sedentary that much just isn't good for you.

Sure, taking a walk during a break is great, but you're still sitting on your butt for 8 hours a day.

@meems212: To be clear, I think the accepted terminology is:

Standing Desk: elevated desktop; work while standing
Walking Desk: Standing Desk attached to a treadmill

To answer your question: I've considered going to a standing desk. The obstacle for me is the logistics of a convertible (standing/seated) desk I'd need due to limited space.

As for your concern about using it for a whole day, everything I've read about them (and I've read several articles) suggest starting off by trying a standing desk first, probably for only a few hours a day to acclimate. Then building up to standing for 40 hours/week and maybe introducing a walking desk.


@defragmeout: ROTFL, Thank you, thank you for my laugh today. I can always and I mean always count on my Woot! Fam for my daily laugh dose.


@meems212: My wife does this. Works part of her day on treadmill, and part of it sitting.


@anotherhiggins: Good point, starting slow with a standing desk, and working up to walking. Thanks for the clarification.


@anotherhiggins: Did say it might be good for others. Seems it would be appealing; especially those who work on the computer all day. My son has mentioned that he has set up his computer at work so that he can stand while using it. Said his coworkers think he's 'crazy.' Being retired, I have the luxury of doing everything or & when I choose. :-D


They should put these in classrooms.


Ignoring the treadmill, I do wish more places would put in standing desks. I worked somewhere that had a desk with a button, and would elevate and it got a lot of use.

Sometimes when dealing with an issue, it is nice to be able to bring the desk up, stand and pace a bit, or move around. I sort of hate sitting all day, and I can't work on the phone while standing because then I am hunched over. >_<

However, the treadmill thing... maybe an exercise bike? So that you can at least sit, lol. It might not be very comfortable, but you can sit when you are tired. Plus, if they hook it up to a generator, they can help charge the power in the building by using the bikes, which lowers the cost nicely of electricity.

Granted they had better have many showers, that are cleaned at least daily.


I would love to have a walking desk. Much better than sitting all day. I do try to get up and walk around every 60-90 minutes, but it's just not the same as being able to be moving, even fairly slowly, for a larger portion of the day.
Sadly my company won't provide or even allow those.


@xavoc:Does your wife work at home or at a work place?


@axphw1: That would be great, if the children do not have recess or physical education, but of course there will be parents who will claim a hardship on little Timmy or Susie


@meems212: She works in an office with a strict dress code.


No way, standing desks are awful enough, adding a plodding treadmill would make it even worse. Much better to take regular breaks and go outside and walk. I get plenty of walking in during my day anyway. And I ride my bike during my breaks.


No. Anyone who's ever tried reading, typing, or writing while on a treadmill knows there's too much motion (even with just walking slowly) to be able to function with any sort of productivity, not to mention the safety risks.


Being that I have a phone-based job, don't think that would work too well. Being out of breath may affect my service levels.


As an alternative to a walking desk, I recently met a guy who had a modified exercise bike at his desk. It was great, if he felt like moving, he would pedal, if he felt like sitting.. he wouldn't pedal.

After running into him, I've been looking for deals on a similar set-up. You aren't forced to stand the entire time (ouch back) and you don't have to move if you don't want to.


@chrosan: I would LOVE something like this at work.

An exercise bike with the proper ergonomics to work efficiently - that would be amazing.


I know this is an old question and I wouldn't have bothered to respond had I seen some informed opinion on the subject.

First off, in answer to your question, yes. I am typing this from a walking desk right now.

I had read people using them at about 1 mph or a little over, so I started there, but found it boring. I can type and mouse effectively at about 2.3 mph (that's my upper limit so far). I wouldn't do fine art or design from it, but for typing purposes, my arms don't even know I'm walking (I use a jelly arm rest on the edge of the desk). If I go any faster, I find that my feet get too close to the end of my tread where there is a slight bump that causes my feet to ache after a while-- a longer tread would fix this, but it's not a dealbreaker.

I can easily (at this point) go for four or five hours without noticing-- as long as I'm doing as task I'm engrossed in. To all those people who recommend a standing desk first, I find standing causes my feet to hurt in a few minutes.