questionswhen did woot stop telling us how many items were…


I don't see it either, it was there last woot-off. I guess you could scroll backwards and figure it out. I would do it, but I am too relaxed/ lazy.


I am not sure but I have looked for it a few times of recent and it has not been there. My guess would be the redesign but cannot state for sure. I will say that it is something I miss, it was always fun to look.

Maybe it is a forced change by Amazon not wanting the companies total sales to be as transparent as they were.


It's been gone since the redesign. I probably sent in comments on the beta test thing, but I no longer bother. It's been noted over on the ever-lengthening thread on Woot Central:

(aka "Woot: The Future! Your Guide To Our Brave New Woot")

...which is currently on page 25.

Dunno. I really miss having the amount sold, myself, especially during a woot off. Were there 1000? 100? Only 3? Who knows?

I've said it elsewhere, but it bears repeating. This has absolutely nothing to do with Amazon. There are any number of other Amazon subsidiaries that look precisely the same as they always did. These were decisions made by the upper echelon of Woot proper.

I shopped at Abebooks before Amazon bought them. They still look pretty much the same.

Same with (which I love):

...and so on, and so on...


I had created a question about it a few weeks ago (so they changed it 19 days ago i guess)

Click that link to check it out. @shawnmiller came in and explained it a little bit. I appreciate him fixing the timestamps but I still will miss the # sold unless we get a better ballpark idea. like maybe 100%=50,000 woots or something.


Just wanted to chime in and say I miss it too. Especially during a woot-off.


A determined analyst could easily calculate total Woot revenue given the quantity sold. I bet someone pretty high up in the Amazon/Woot bureaucracy did not want this info getting out to the public.


Related: It's also annoying the hell out of me that the woot-off status bar only runs in increments of 10%. It sometimes takes forever to if the server is hosed or if they just have a.whole.lot of one item.